Moms Own Soccer with Comcast

It’s the summer of soccer y la fiebre del fútbol is now in full effect. The many unexpected moments that have caught fans by surprise at the soccer championship has us all screaming and celebrating with excitement. Go, Mexico! ¡Arriba Colombia!

Comcast understands this and has created the best way to experience soccer through its Xfinity platform. We partnered with Comcast and a group of influencers in the San Francisco area to attend an event and learn about the Xfinity X1’s unique features to experience soccer this summer.


Claudia Candelas

“Comcast integrated an entire section that is a hub for all the games, highlights, standings, scores, clips, and more. Also, the X1 remote now has Spanish-voice activated demands. You just speak into the remote in either Spanish or English, and you’re set. I showed my mom this feature, and she loved it!”


By Claudya

“No offense to my husband–I love you, BOO!–but I met a remote that is a WAY better listener than he is. This remote is such a good listener that it will listen to me in English or in Spanish and it can even understand my mom, who has a heavy accent when she speaks in English. That’s WAY more than my husband can do.”


IMG_2749 (1).jpg

Crystal Carabajal

“You can now view every big moment from the Soccer Championships with DVR Highlights.  On completed match recordings, X1 customers who have DVR service can browse and jump between high impact plays. With many matches airing while people are away from their TV’s or at work, DVR Highlights ensure that X1 customers never miss a goal.  How cool is that?”

To learn more about Xfinity’s new features, visit their website and follow the hashtag #ExpertoFutbolero.