Latina Makers Market: Meet the Artists Joining Us at #WeAllGrow Summit 2017

We love elevating our community, which is why we're so excited to bring Latina Makers Market back for #WeAllGrow Summit 2017! We're looking forward to our attendees meeting the creatives who will be showcasing all their amazing designs. Everything will be available for purchase so make sure to get in a little shopping during the weekend. For a little sneak peak, take a look at who will be joining us and get to know a little more about them! 

Alma Vistoso

Alma Vistoso combines the timeless aesthetic of Mayan textiles with modern design to create high-quality bags and swimwear for adventures at the beach and beyond.

The brand is inspired by sharing the indigenous artwork of Guatemala and the Mayan culture to people all over the world! They strive to bring together something ancient and something new, to build a sustainable lifestyle brand that supports the artisans of Guatemala, as well as the economies of the U.S. and Los Angeles!


Myra Brooks is CHIC-IATA. Yes, that's chic and piñata! Her designs are inspired by fashion and made with colors and textures that are on trend right now.

After Myra had her son and decided to leave her brokerage job behind, she was left with an itch to create. CHIC-IATA was born from her love of her culture, family and, of course, all things that sparkle!

Folk Project

Folk Project embodies the encounter of two worlds and the result is the syncretism of traditional costumes and home décor accent pieces. The mission of the project is to travel the world looking for unique textiles and turning them into bespoke decorative pieces, such as furniture and accessories.

Folk Project uses a raw material known as the huipil, which is an essential piece of the Guatemalan and Mexican traditional costumes. Every huipil is bought at a fair price from the artists in order to promote the survival of their traditions.

Merijam Roelofs, the designer behind the brand, said the company aims to highlight the creative work of the indigenous woman who often remains invisible to modern society. By using huipil in the world of modern living, the brand hopes to showcase their craft on a global platform and give them the acknowledgement they deserve.

Folk Project is all about introducing a piece of the traditional world to the modern one, in turn creating a refreshing design unique to the global living style.

Handmade by Helena

Helena Osorio of Handmade by Helena sews fun and useful items for travel and for carrying your yoga mat or spinning (gym) shoes in style. No more bringing back home your dirty laundry in a plastic bag!  Most of the fabrics she uses are cotton and the ones with dichos are all printed in the USA.  

Helena's grandmother used to be a seamstress and she supported and put 5 kids through college by sewing. Two years ago, she bought Helena a sewing machine and taught her the basics. At the time, Helena had no idea that she was given a never-ending outlet of creativity. The process of sewing sometimes feels tedious, complicated and long but nothing beats the feeling of love, happiness and accomplishment that flows through you when you hold the finished product in your hands!

Homegirl Por Vida

Homegirl Por Vida is your homegirl Xenia Galaviz offering metaphysical tools to help you on your path into spiritual gangsterism.

Xenia is the first in her family to start a small biz. Therefore, she wanted to shatter the stereotype of being a homegirl, proving that a dollar + a dream is real for every homegirl. Where she comes from, where she's going and what she wants to see keeps her at it 24/7/365.


Ix Style

Ix Style (pronounced "eye ex") started as a simple idea to help one woman artisan and morphed into working with over 600 women around Lake Atitlan. Ix Style is a charitable fashion company that sells huarache sandals, handbags and jewelry made by Guatemalan artisans. For every purchase, the company donates to provide clean drinking water to children in Guatemala.

Francesca Kennedy's mission began when she returned to visit her grandparents at Lake Atitlán in Guatemala in 2010. The lake had became so completely overrun with blue-green algae that the water looked like sewage. The image of young girls collecting the contaminated water to drink, cook and clean remained with her, later providing the catalyst for starting her own socially-conscious fashion brand: Ix Style.

Las Conchitas

Las Conchitas by Ruby Wright are handmade goods inspired by Mexican sweet bread. 

When it comes to creating, Ruby finds that crafting and trying new things challenges her to be creative and relieve stress. She's inspired by new techniques, styles and her heritage. Overall, Ruby finds satisfaction in making things that others will love just as much!

Lasso is Love

Lucy M. Wilson & Maria Calle are the creators behind Lasso is Love, handmade jewelry based out of Los Angeles. Lasso is Love is all about jewelry making a statement in a casual way.

The company is inspired by friendship and meanings of life. Their jewelry makes a contemporary statement of functionality and style.


Pearmama is a site for Latina women, mothers and creative spirits navigating life and love in a real, authentic way.

Denise Cortes, the mastermind behind the brand, said that Frida Kahlo has been her muse for a long time. Kahlo's strength of character, her unconventional beauty and the ability to transcend great physical and emotional pain draws Denise to her, which inspired Denise to create these pieces. They're like small jewels in the hands of Frida-philes and art lovers alike.

Pressed Intentions

Maura Hernandez is the innovator behind Pressed Intentions, an Etsy store that sells fine handmade stationery and gifts. 

Maura loves to create beautiful, inspiring and funny items to spread love and kindness. She's inspired by mindfulness, popular culture and a wicked sense of humor.



Raggedy Tiff

Jessica Resendíz of Raggedy Tiff says her brand represents cultura, pride and the beauty of handmade items and craftsmanship. She is a first generation attending college in order to pursue her fashion career. She owes it to her hard working parents, who immigrated to the States for a better life and opportunities.

Being a proud Mexicana in the fashion industry has been a challenge for her but with determination, hard work and dedication, she believes que todo se puede. Her family and her 11-year-old daughter are her motivation. They keep her striving and showing the world that anything is possible, no matter where you come from or who you are.

Sweet Llamita

Sweet Llamita helps women express how they truly feel by creating beautiful and culturally-relevant paper designs for everyday and special occasions.

Brenda Castillo derives inspiration from the beauty of good design, both the English and Spanish languages, and the cultural richness of Latin America. A simple font or illustration has the ability to evoke various emotions and finding a good balance between good design and cultural relevance can create powerful reactions. If her products can melt hearts, induce chuckles, or inspire, then she's done her job.

Viva Greetings

Viva Greetings manufactures and distributes Mexican themed greeting cards, gifts and party goods.

Carla Fonseca finds inspiration in her heritage, in her culture and in Mexico. The colors, the traditions and the diversity of such factors bring out the creative elements in her designs.

Woven Wanderland

Christina Ghadieh is the creative soul behind Woven Wanderland who designs modern macrame for your inspired home.

Christina has always been artistic. Upon recent rediscovery of macrame, she fell in love with its whimsical aesthetic. For her, the creation of each piece is s meditative process. She hopes her work can create a mindful place of happy thought for others.