Meet Our Top 35: Nicole Presley of Presley's Pantry

For the next few weeks, we’ll be introducing you to our #WeAllGrow Summit Top 35. ¿Qué es eso? It’s a special group of blogueras that believed so much in #WeAllGrow Summit, that they jumped on the opportunity to grab a very specially discounted ticket within hours of our announcement. Because of their commitment and passion, we celebrate them now in a series of small, yet passion-filled, interviews. Check them all out here. Nicole Presley blogs at Presley's Pantry where she shares her recipes and the stories that inspire each one. Learn more about her here.


1. What does the word "Grow" mean to you in your blogging career?

The word "GROW" means everything to me. To stretch outside of the place I am now to reach new heights. To expand and evolve into something else.

2. What excites you about growth?

I love the thrill of an adventure, and in order to grow you need to take a journey outside of your comfort zone. I see my journey as an adventure, and welcome every milestone, blunder, achievement and wrinkle with open arms.

3. How can one community grow together?

I think an entire community can grow together by sticking together. That one community needs to support each other and lift each other up as we would want to be lifted.

4. How do you proactively help others grow?

I encourage my peers to stretch. I share the work of my peers. I praise my peers and leaders, and cheer on their dreams. I introduce my peers to whatever business contacts I make and try and keep us all evolving. I pass no judgement.

5. What do you hope to get out of #WeAllGrow Summit?

I hope to come away with a new confidence of sisterhood amongst my peers. I hope to strengthen and deepen existing relationships. I hope to be inspired by wisdom, and given the tools I need to get to the next level of the blogging/video/social media world.