Meet Our Top 35: Natalia Carter of Comiendo en LA

For the next few weeks, we’ll be introducing you to our #WeAllGrow Summit Top 35. ¿Qué es eso? It’s a special group of blogueras that believed so much in #WeAllGrow Summit, that they jumped on the opportunity to grab a very specially discounted ticket within hours of our announcement. Because of their commitment and passion, we celebrate them now in a series of small, yet passion-filled, interviews. Check them all out here.  Meet Natalia of Comiendo en LA, a blog about Los Angeles, its food, people and her own recipes as well. Natalia has a degree in Business and is now a Social Media professional with five years experience. She's also part of the #WeAllGrow team! Get to know her here.


1. What does the word "Grow" mean to you in your blogging career?

To grow is to improve. Growth in my blogging career brings me more opportunities and the chance of making new connections.

2. What excites you about growth?

Growth is exciting because it helps us to discover new aspects about our personality and forces us to keep improving and developing new skills, some that we didn't even know that we had.

3. How can one community grow together?

Nothing is more beautiful than a community where the members help each other. We all have different styles and habilities that can complement each other.

Bringing support, good ethics and be willing to learn from each other, are some ways to grow together.

4. How do you proactively help others grow?

I like to see what others are doing and congratulate them whenever possible.  Also, reading their blogs and sharing them to my readers is another way to help to grow their traffic. I like to be part of groups where we share our knowledge.

5. What do you hope to get out of #WeAllGrow Summit?

First, I'm very excited to have a conference like #WeAllGrow in my city. Second, to see blogueras from different cities visiting this beautiful place & making new friends. And third, I'd love to make connections with brands that I haven't worked with in the past and to solidify those that I've already worked with.