Meet Our Top 35: Maria Fernanda Reyes of Unmoleskine

For the next few weeks, we’ll be introducing you to our #WeAllGrow Summit Top 35. ¿Qué es eso? It’s a special group of blogueras that believed so much in #WeAllGrow Summit, that they jumped on the opportunity to grab a very specially discounted ticket within hours of our announcement. Because of their commitment and passion, we celebrate them now in a series of small, yet passion-filled, interviews. Check them all out here.  Meet Maria Fernanda of Unemoleskine, a lifestyle blog based out of Seattle, Washington. There Maria chronicles her adventures and the things that inspire her. Get to know Maria here!


1. What does the word "Grow" mean to you in your blogging career?

The meaning of grow is “to change physically and progress to maturity” and thats what I am trying to accomplish.  I started my blog on 2010 as a personal project to share with friends and family our experience as a family in new city: Seattle.
The blog had been neglected many times but not this time,  I am committed to keep writing and working on it.  It still need a new design but until now I am so happy to keep writing about my passions.

2. What excites you about growth?

The knowledge, lessons and experience that it brings.  Related to my blog, I want to learn and become better in my photography and to get to know more bloggers.

3. How can one community grow together?

What can help a community grow is working all together in the same direction, sharing common interests and helping each other to achieve goals.

4. How do you proactively help others grow?

Knowledge is everywhere in our lives and sometimes it appears when you are not searching for it.  Even when I am new in the “blog world” I am sure i have a lot share and inspire this community.

5. What do you hope to get out of #WeAllGrow Summit?

Networkig, learning more tools that help me improve my blog and finally meeting Mariel from 30 In LoveThanks to her I am attending and also she inspires me to keep writing.