Maseca And Its Amigas Blogueras

This week Maseca® launched a brand new website and campaign with the aptly penned main tagline of "Maseca Nos Gusta." The website clearly reinforces Maseca as a staple in Latin recipes, but also shines a light on its healthy and nutritious qualities. To help drive the message home, Maseca has partnered up with Latina Bloggers Connect and ten bloggers from varied  Latino heritage backgrounds to develop content and amplify the brand's initiatives as Amigas Blogueras.

The ten well-known bloggers, who blog in Spanish, English and both, will be creating posts to appear both on their sites and on the soon-to-launch blog. The bloggers are such an integral part of the campaign they even have their own tab on the site's main navegation menu which takes you to a splash page with all their photos, bios and links. Check it out.

Amigas Blogueras Maseca®
Amigas Blogueras Maseca®

This is definitely a brand/blogger relationship to watch as it develops since both Maseca and the bloggers alike are investing time, energy and resources into it and both parties are fans of each other.

To join the conversation on Twitter, follow the #ClubMiMaseca hashtag and @MiMasecaUSA. You should also Like Maseca on Facebook as it's also a Like for your fellow Amigas Blogueras!

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