Manage Screen Time with the Family Link App from Google

Navigating technology is particularly difficult for families with kids. Some parents are completely overwhelmed, others are feeling like they are starting to get a handle on it, but all of them wouldn’t mind a little help from time to time managing the technology in their homes. That’s why Google developed the Family Link app, a tool to help parents manage the kinds of content their kids see, the amount of time kids are spending on their devices, and give them a jump-off point to have a conversation around what a healthy relationship with technology looks like for their familia.

Last week a group of Latina Influencers shared their views around this topic and how the Family Link app is helping them manage the time their children spend on their devices and the type of content they see.

Family Link.jpg

Dariela Cruz - Mami Talks

“Many of the times I have talked to other parents we are all not sure which exact apps the kids are using because we don’t go to each device and check in on each app, so I love the fact that you can check exactly what the kids used each day and for how long from the Family Link app on your own smartphone, makes it so much easier!”

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Paula Zelaya - Mia Mommy

“A mí personalmente me trae tranquilidad tener todas estas herramientas para tener control sobre lo que ven mis niñas y sentir que pueden estar más seguras. Soy fiel creedora de que estar pendiente tanto del contenido que ven, como de los amigos con los que se rodean, hace una diferencia en su crianza… Las invito a que bajen el Google Family Link, es una aplicación gratuita y está disponible para todos los sistemas operativos. Con todas estas herramientas que nos presta Google, sé que podemos estar más seguros, informados y alertas!”

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Rory Lassanske - Mamá Contemporanea

“Quienes nos conocen saben que somos una familia que sacamos el mayor provecho a la tecnología, nos gusta conectarnos a través de teléfonos y abrazos, sabemos cómo balancear entre la vida digital y la vida real. Al final lo que deseamos para nuestros hijos es aprendizaje con sus límites pero en un mundo online más seguro.”

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Elayna Fernandez - The Positive Mom

“My children know that the use of electronics in our home is a privilege, not a right, and therefore, it is monitored. Google offers a host of ways to help parents manage screen time and what their kids can access/view on their devices via Family Link, and all can be tailored to our family experience, needs, and lifestyle.”

To learn more, visit the Family Link website and download the app.