LBC Live Party: Los Angeles #LatinaBloggers Take AT&T's #ItCanWait Pledge

ItCanWait Last week we hosted one of our LBC Live Parties for L.A. #LatinaBloggers at Lucky Strike in Hollywood to spread the word about AT&T's #ItCanWait campaign to take the pledge to never text and drive. While the event allowed us to get together and have fun, our purpose was to shine light on how truly dangerous texting or even just checking out phones is while driving. Although we may feel comfortable multi tasking, as most of us bloggers do, we pledged to say #ItCanWait because our lives and the lives of others are too important to risk over a text message. As we took our bowling balls and rolled with careful aim for a strike, we were reminded of how some things require our full and undivided attention.

Check out the event photos on the Latina Bloggers Connect Facebook page and share your reasons why texting and driving can wait on Twitter and Instagram with the #ItCanWait  hashtag. Let's keep the message rolling!