#LatinaBloggers Spread #RSVawareness for World Prematurity Day

RSV Unbranded Infographic_MASTER PDF

As parents welcome new babies into the world, it’s a time full of excitement, joy, learning and new experiences. Most parents are able to bring their healthy newborn babies home from the hospital soon after birth, but parents of premature babies may not be so lucky, as preterm birth can come with complications, often requiring special medical attention.

Preemies often have specialized health needs and it is important to raise awareness of the increased risks that often come with premature birth.  45 #LatinaBloggers have pledged to help spread awareness about Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), which is a common seasonal virus that can affect preterm infants, who are born with undeveloped lungs and immune systems.  Preterm infants are at heightened risk for developing severe RSV disease, often requiring hospitalization.

In the time leading up to November 17—World Prematurity Day—#LatinaBloggers are hoping to educate parents of preemies so they are prepared to help protect their vulnerable babies.

For more information visit the RSV Protection website  and follow #RSVawareness on Twitter and Facebook.