#LatinaBloggers Pass The Purse with Allstate Foundation #PurplePurse Campaign

Purple PurseLogo_Prelim As part of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Allstate Foundation created the Purple Purse campaign to urge people to openly talk about domestic violence. Since a purse represents the center of a woman’s financial domain, a group of 120 #Latina Bloggers were selected to receive a physical #PurplePurse and pass it in to a friend to spark important conversations about domestic violence and to empower those impacted by it to start talking about the issue.

The 120 #LatinaBloggers also received a Virtual #PurplePurse to encourage readers, friends and followers to help “Pass the Purse”.  Latina Bloggers Connect also received a Virtual #PurplePurse and we would like to share it with you and encourage you to "Pass the Purse"!

Are you ready to make a BIG difference?

Virtual Purse Code -  English

Virtual Purse Code - Spanish

Every time anyone logs on to www.purplepurse.com or www.bolsomorado.com and enters the code 0003, a $5 donation will be triggered from Allstate Foundation to the YWCA for programs that support victims of domestic violence and build financial empowerment. This is your time to shine and help women in need so, what are you waiting for?  Start sharing!

For more information on this campaign visit www.purplepurse.com or www.bolsomorado.com.  We also encourage you to tweet about this initiative to raise funds by using the hashtag #PurplePurse and directing your followers to www.purplepurse.com using Code 0003