Latina Makers Market: Meet & Shop the Creative Latina Artists at #WeAllGrow Summit 2018

We are eager to share with you the creative Latina artists who will be showcasing their designs at Latina Makers Market - #WeAllGrow Summit 2018. Attendees will be able to shop and connect. Keep reading to learn more about each one of them and their work.


Anda Pa’l

Rita is the creator of Anda Pa’l, which arose out of her need to celebrate her culture and add some color to her dreary Seattle winters. Her witty, whimsical pouch bags are inspired by nostalgia and experience as a bilingual, multicultural Latina. Each is made from thick canvas and can carry pretty much anything – from makeup, to cash to school supplies. Most importantly, they help her carry a little bit of her culture wherever she goes.

Blank Tag 3.jpg

blank tag co.

Alondra and Remi started blank tag co. in February 2017 after spending a week exploring Tokyo, Japan. Culture and happiness are very important to both and wanted to showcase it to the world via stickers. Stickers are more than just a piece of paper you place somewhere. Stickers are an expression of who you are, what you’re associated with, and a way to capture memories. With every new design, they hope their stickers bring you the same excitement and happiness they feel every time you think of your culture and travel memories.


Casa Papalotl

Casa Papalotl is an all-organic and cruelty-free herbal company based out of Los Angeles. They have been providing quality herbal teas and remedies for Womyn, children, and families in our community. All products are handmade in small batches to ensure quality and freshness. Reclaiming and sharing the medicine of our ancestors since 2014.


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Frida & Chloé

Frida & Chloé

Ofelia Bretón is the founder of Frida & Chloé, a fashion company with a social purpose, focused on empowering women designers and artisans. Frida & Chloé symbolizes a multicultural environment of women with different backgrounds looking for authenticity and craftsmanship.

At Latina Makers Market you will find extraordinary knitted jewelry handcrafted in Mexico. This collection is inspired by the world of flowers in different colors, shapes and textures.
For every purchase, Frida & Chloé gives back to the community by supporting local non-profit
organizations to make a difference in the lives of Latinas.





Isa & Co.

Isabel is the owner and creator of Isa & Co., a Latina-made self-care company which creates candles that come from her childhood memories and inspiration of her beautiful Hispanic culture. She also creates soothing bath products using herbs as our grandmothers and mothers once used to care for us. You will find exclusive products made ONLY for the Latina Makers Market at #WeAllGrow Summit 2018 such as candles, care packs, and bath pops.


Kim & Roses

Kimberly Marcela Duron is the founder of Kim & Roses, a social purpose corporation, which was born- to create an e-commerce solution for underserved women in Honduras, where they can showcase their unique fashion/lifestyle items. Their collections include handmade bracelets and apparel made with vibrant fabrics that are ethically sourced from indigenous ‘Lenca’ women.

These artisan products not only support these women financially, but they also shine a light on a lesser known part of the beautiful Honduran culture. Its model is intended to help break cycles of violence and lack of education by empowering women in Honduras, as well as by providing educational seminars to diverse immigrants in the U.S.


Majestic Bliss Soaps

In February of 2014, Majestic Bliss Soaps was conceived by Marcela with only $500 from a GoFundMe campaign. Every ingredient used down to the very last finished product is lovingly infused with a very special blend of Prana (Life Force, Chi).

Marcela’s soaps are not only beautiful and gorgeous cold processed soaps with lots of colors and intense swirls, they also make a difference around the world. Majestic Bliss Soaps was established with the purpose of creating quality and vegan-friendly bath products that serve a higher purpose – Dedicated to empowering the wellbeing of humanity and the animal kingdom.

Sueno2017November-1color sueno-0105 (1) (1).jpg


Each Sueño is thoughtfully crafted using only the highest quality fabrics. They pair authentic Mexican serapes with the softest sherpa to create the coziest companion. Choose from their large throw blankets, perfect for your home and adventures. If you have little ones, the toddler size will be their new 'take everywhere' blanket.









The Designing Chica

The Designing Chica was born after Susana Sanchez-Young had an epiphany during her pregnancy and couldn’t find nursery artwork that fit her style and culture. She realized there was a need for cultured artwork for chicas and chicos just like her. She works full-time and create her designs at midnight. At Latina Makers Market you will find affordable prints, t-shirts, greeting cards, totes, makeup bags, pins, stickers with their original designs/graphics and

photography. Her inspiration is a love fest for all things Kate Spade, Frida Kahlo, Estar Guars and her Guatemalan-Nicaraguan- American culture.



Timeless Turmeric

Timeless Turmeric’s boutique farm, which sits in the most protected biosphere in the world grows organic, medicinal foods that are only harvested once a year so that their customers will always get premium farm fresh foods and we stand alone in transparency, integrity and quality. You will always see, smell, taste and experience the difference with Timeless Turmeric.








Esvanyeli is the founder of UNiiQUE. They are modernization of handmade embroidery. UNiiQUE is a brand helping promote positivity and culture to all women. They are a brand by and for Latinas. Each piece being offered is unlike any other, unique, and you will have the opportunity to own a non-repetitive style. This makes each piece made just for you. They respectfully look to preserve the Mexican artistic creations of their ancestral traditions and adding a twist to their manufactured products. At #WeAllGrow Summit 2018 attendees will be able to shop an array of backpacks, clutches, wallets and many more products.


ViaRaiz_Oct2017_0108LR_creditCarlyDiaz (1).jpg

Vía Raíz

Vía Raíz represents the 'new' Mexico that is rooted in tradition and culture. It's a tribute to the wave of emerging Mexican artists, makers, and designers that are elevating Mexican craft, cuisine, culture, design, and art. As a lifestyle brand, Vía Raíz offers the customer the ability to explore this new burgeoning culture and movement that is happening in Mexico.

At the Latina Makers Market you’ll get the opportunity to experience a special collection of handcrafted home accessories, decorative crafts, and beautifully woven textiles and pillows.


Zindagi Final 3 cropped.jpg


María José Padgett is the founder of Zindagi. In 2014 love took María José to India where she instantly lost her heart to India’s gorgeous scenery, endless traditions, and gracious people.

Zindagi’s latest collection consists of culturally fused items created to exalt the beauty of both Indian and Honduran craftsmanship, which represent both countries.