Latina Bloggers take the Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream 7 Day Challenge

Brrr! The chilly weather is here and keeping our skin moisturized and healthy can become a challenge.  Thankfully, Neutrogena Norwegian Formula provides a fast absorbing formula that helps even the driest hands.  Some of our #LatinaBloggers tried the wonderful hand cream for 7 days and shared their experience along with tips and secrets to keep your hands beautiful during the colder months. IMG_0736

Styled By Ale

"A mi siempre me gusta tener mis manos y uñas presentables así que es super importante tener una crema que nos ayude mantener la piel y cutículas bonitas."


Lola Blue Style

"And for the past week I have been using Neutrogena's Norwegian Formula Hand Cream and I truly love it. The size is perfect for my daily bag and the texture and feel of my hands have never been better."


On the Katt Walk

"Seasons change and as much as I love getting ready for the new holidays ahead I am never ready for the toll the change in weather has on my skin. Cooler weather is for snuggling up with a loved one not for hiding my cracked skin."


Lynnette Joselly

 "My cuticles are sometimes very dry since I do wash my hands a lot, but with the help of this deep moisturizing hand cream it restores my hand's natural moisture balance."

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