Latina Bloggers Connecting and Raising Awareness About World Prematurity Day and RSV

Did you know that worldwide,13 million babies are born early every year, including more than half a million in the United States? Pre-term births are all too common and often leave these vulnerable babies at an increased risk of serious medical complications. Because their immune systems and lungs aren’t fully developed, preemies are more likely to develop infections and are more susceptible to respiratory problems. One virus in particular that parents of preemies should know about is Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). RSV is contracted by nearly all children by the age of two, often causing relatively minor symptoms that mimic the common cold. However, preemies are most at risk for developing much more serious symptoms, including a serious respiratory infection (severe RSV disease) from the virus, because their lungs are underdeveloped and they don’t have the antibodies needed to fight off infection.

November 17th marks World Prematurity Day - A day dedicated to help raise awareness about prematurity and the potential risks associated with pre-term birth. We're excited and proud to be part of this campaign. All week long, 45 Latina Bloggers will share their personal stories and help in spreading awareness about World Prematurity Day and RSV. Follow the hashtags #ProtectPreemies and #RSV to read their posts.

To learn more about the Respiratory Syncytial Virus please visit the RSV Protection Site or like World Prematurity Day on Facebook.