Keeping Your Kids Safe Online with Google’s Se Genial en Internet

Google took the launch of its new program Be Internet Awesome, Se Genial en Internet en Español, to Chicago! The program aims to teach kids about digital citizenship and internet safety through its fun, interactive game, Interland.

We have once again partnered with Google and a group of influencers to learn about the program and its five foundational lessons about digital safety and citizenship to help kids be safe, confident explorers of the world. 

Be Internet Awesome

Laura Muller - Las Recetas de Laura

“Google entiende que no siempre es fácil enseñar cosas a un niño con claridad, por eso eso incluyeron juegos para aprender de manera interactiva y además es totalmente gratis. Se Genial en Internet se trata sobre enseñarles a ser: Inteligentes, Alertas, Seguros, Amables y Valientes cuando hagan uso del Internet de una forma divertida.”


Jessica Castaneda - Easy Living Today

“One of the resources they offer is a super fun game called Interland. It is browser based and it makes learning all of these skills fun and interactive. I actually had the pleasure of seeing kids play Interland live at a Google event last week called Genial en Internet. Let me tell you, the kids were having a blast and the game is awesome.”

Be Internet Awesome

Deborah Cruz - The Truth About Motherhood

“Last week, I saw the program in action at an event hosted by Google for students and their parents at Gallistel Language Academy in Chicago. It was moving to see all these parents show up for their children on a weekday, in the middle of the day. They know that it’s important that we teach our kids to be safe online because we can’t watch them every minute of every day.”

Check it out for yourself by visiting its website and follow #genialeninternet for more on the launch event.