How #WeAllGrow Field Trips Transformed the Changemakers Within


#WeAllGrow Summit field trips set the tone for the weekend’s festivities, so what better way to start than with intimate activities designed to transform the changemaker within? This year’s field trips stretched us in ways that provoked our growth and created avenues for each of us to do so in safe spaces, together, not just individually but as a community. #WeAllGrow sponsors know that changemaking is a journey that requires persistence and encouragement from fellow chingonas and they came prepared to equip us with experiences that influence how we understand the world and how we understand ourselves.

We Are Changemakers.



Dove wanted to #ShowUs how far we’ve come, so attendees started the day by writing a letter to their younger selves as a reminder that we are enough. This reflective entry point segued into a relaxing meditation session filled with breathing exercises and self visualization. To top off the day with sisterhood in mind, Dove led attendees in a dance class that made it easy to bond with one another while breaking a little sweat.

Changemaker Takeaway: Write a letter to your younger self every few years to remind her how far she’s come.

baby DOVE


Finding camaraderie among fellow Changemaker moms can be tough in between grinding and parenting, so Baby Dove made sure to get these women together for Mamás and Mimosas to have frank conversations about pregnancy and birth, while emphasizing the need to create more varied and honest portrayals of those experiences. Motherhood comes with an unspoken learning curve, and the Changemaker moms know they need to lean on each other and be unafraid to ask for help.

Changemaker Takeaway: Be unafraid to ask for help and offer to help fellow Changemaker Moms.



YouTube provided the umph we needed to hit the ground running once we get back home to reality. But before that, YouTube showcased its virtual reality equipment that allows content creators to make 360 content to watch on the YouTube app. YouTube’s state of the art equipment and accompanying classes are accessible to any creator with at least 10K subscribers, and YouTube panelists Doralys Britto, Dulce Candy, and Jenny Lorenzo all echoed the message on how to achieve that: consistency is key! So, what are you waiting for? Get to creating!

Changemaker Takeaway: Consistently creating content is the key to growing a dedicated audience.



Red Bull Amaphiko set the ambience for the day by welcoming attendees to a picturesque space filled with greenery and mapped out activities for intuition and reflection to achieve one goal: to find their personal story. One stand out activity that shifted attendee mindsets included writing down core beliefs, creating a list of intentions and desires for the future and comparing how the beliefs and desires align in order to create an action plan for change. How do your beliefs and desires align?

Changemaker Takeaway: Create a list of what you want and what you believe and assess how they align with each other to ensure you’re on the right path.



The Los Angeles Philharmonic treated attendees to an exclusive preview of their long-anticipated performance of “Symphony of a Thousand,” its first ever performance of Mahler’s 8th Symphony at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. The orchestra and chorus rehearsed for the first time in the concert hall before their opening performance, and our Changemakers were the first to take a listen. They followed the sneak-peak to visits to the Broad Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art, all within walking distance of the concert hall. This cultural hub is nestled in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, a go-to place for Changemakers when they need a dose of inspiration.

Changemaker Takeaway: Visit the Broad Museum, MOCA, and the Walt Disney Concert Hall for a performance from the Los Angeles Philharmonic when you need to rejuvenate your spirit.



The Long Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau showcased Long Beach with a boat of the present and a boat of the past, Harbor Breeze Cruise and the Queen Mary, providing attendees a relaxed setting to meet fellow Changemakers while also getting to know the area. Between boat rides, attendees paid visits to the Aquarium of the Pacific and the Museum of Latin American Art, where fellow chingonas agreed they needed to return with their kids to teach the importance of sustainability through exhibits at the aquarium and highlight Latin American artists they’re inspired by.

Changemaker Takeaway: Plan a day trip to Long Beach, where you can not only relax and recharge but also be intentional about the growth you gift yourself.

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