Help Your Children Stay Safe Online with Google’s Se Genial en Internet

A few weeks ago, Google launched its new program Be Internet Awesome, Se Genial en Internet en Español, to teach kids about internet safety. We partnered with Google and a group of influencers to attend the launch event in Los Angeles to learn about the program and its five foundational lessons about digital safety and citizenship to help kids be safe, confident explorers of the world.  And who better to tell you about it than these five expert parenting creators!


Dariela Cruz

“Who doesn’t worry about kids safety while going online? Right now Adrian and Maya are in the stage where they both love to spend hours on the Internet more than anything else and we have to be very careful to regulate their time but also to teach them to take care of themselves and protect them from the risks that the digital world can bring. Se genial en internet, is a wonderful way to help Latino families discuss internet safety at home together.”


Vanessa Bell

“If they know how to do anything, Google knows how to communicate and spread information. That’s exactly why their digital citizenship for kids program is so effective. (And the fact that they also made it available entirely in Spanish so that all families can benefit is even more amazing.) Their robust digital citizenship curriculum can be downloaded by parents AND teachers (making this an awesome resource for teaching digital citizenship in schools), has received the Seal of Alignment from the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) and comes with all the digital citizenship lesson plans a teacher would need.”


Mayra Rodriguez

“El internet tiene un mar de información, pero no podemos tirar a nuestros hijos a nadar en él sin la guía y el enfoque adecuado porque se nos van a ahogar e ir a la deriva.  Con Interland, un juego gratuito e interactivo, los niños de 8-12 años aprenderán los conceptos de seguridad que harán que tengan una experiencia positiva en las redes. Para aprender a ser geniales en Internet, los niños pueden jugar con Interland, una aventura en línea que pone en práctica las lecciones clave sobre seguridad digital con cuatro juegos desafiantes.”

Jorge Narvaez

Make sure to check out Se Genial en Internet with your kids to help them learn more about internet safety.