Welcome Heather Conneely from the Facebook Multicultural Team as a #WeAllGrow Summit Keynote

Heather Conneely - Facebook
Heather Conneely - Facebook

#WeAllGrow Summit celebrates the multicultural women who are helping shape the voice and perception of our community online. As such, we jumped at the chance to have Heather Conneely, US Industry Manager, Multicultural at Facebook, join us to share with us her insights working for the platform that Latinos embrace in droves and making sure advertisers understand how to reach us in a culturally-significant way.

Heather will be addressing the #WeAllGrow Summit attendees on Friday, March 4th during the Opening Keynote session.

How Far We Grow: The Rising Power of the Latino Digital Voice, Heather Conneely, Keynote Presentation

As social media influencers, we know better than anyone how to share; we share our opinions, the products we love, our hearts and lives. But do we truly appreciate the rising power those shared moments have? Heather Conneely, US Industry Manager, Multicultural at Facebook and Latina mom of two, understands the amazing impact of Latino online influence and the way our stories command various narratives in the digital world. Hispanics are among the most active Facebook and Instagram users, thus Heather Conneely seeks to empower #WeAllGrow attendees with her industry insights on the unique behaviors of Hispanic users on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Whatsapp, as well as content preferences and how advertisers are harnessing and marketing to our audiences. For those of us engaging and connecting with a Latino audience, you won't want to miss this empowering presentation on how innovative we are and can be.