Cheer More y Haz Más Con Degree

Soccer fever has hit hard this month and has been keeping our already active men super busy.  It's important for them to have the right underarm protection and help them feel confident when cheering on their favorite team.  Learn more about Degree MOTIONSENSE from some of our #LatinaBloggers and learn how you can get some great gifts on June 29th.  Don't forget to enter the giveaways!

7 On A Shoe String Walgreens Degree

7 On A Shoestring

"Luckily for me, those times when he jumps out of his chair raising his arms to cheer, Degree has us BOTH covered."

Living Mi Vida Loca Walgreens Degree

Living Mi Vida Loca

"The kids keep him active so a deodorant that works just as hard as he does is a must. That's why I've been sticking with Degree Motionsense. The more he moves, the more it works!"

Marinos Bambinos Walgreens Degree

Marino Bambinos

"Getting him to try a new deodorant took some coaxing – but he’s officially switched to Degree’s new MOTIONSENSE™ technology designed to protect with movement for up to 48 hours."


Degree is the official sponsor of The Mexico National Soccer Team.  Follow the conversation at #HazMasConDegree