#WeAllGrow Summit 2016 is Proud to Announce the Hampton by Hilton Seekender’s Welcome Cocktail Party


Hampton by Hilton, understands the power of a weekend. Each weekend gives you the opportunity to grow, connect with people that inspire you and make unforgettable memories within our global neighborhoods. As our community comes together for a weekend of growth, Hampton by Hilton seeks to honor #WeAllGrow attendees as the Seekenders they are: influencers who love and do, boldly exploring their passions - whether that be art, music, food or lifestyle - while creating a community connected by those pursuits.

Performing at the Hampton by Hilton Seekender’s Welcome Cocktail party on Thursday, March 3rd at Hotel Maya in Long Beach, CA, María del Pilar, the voice of the bilingual youth movement in the U.S. during the early millennium, will melodically croon as the lights of Long Beach’s skyline beckons #WeAllGrow attendees to grow beyond their limits. As they explore the venue’s various lounge areas, #WeAllGrow attendees can seek the perfect spot to embark on the upcoming weekend.

From the beach lounge to fire pits and a dance floor spun by the turntables of DJ Brandi Garcia, Hampton by Hilton is proud to sponsor the #WeAllGrow community of Latina content creators who seek purpose in their influence and wants to encourage influencers to seize the weekend as a powerful tool for growth.

To be inspired and join the Seekender conversation, check out www.HamptonSeekender.com and #WeGoTogether on social media.