Growing Your Business

Starting a new business can be daunting. But, managing cash flow doesn’t have to be a cause for nightmares. Today, more and more people are starting their own businesses or working as contractors and freelancers. Si eres una #Jefa, knowing how to manage your business’ income is very important. The QuickBooks Resource Center provides all the tools you need with free resources for starting, running and growing your business.

In the last three months, #LatinaBloggers have shared different experiences and points of view on how to use the QuickBooks Resource Center to build your business and find #WaysToGrow.

Elayna Fernandez

“It’s so easy to drop the ball on financials, yet it is so crucial to get a grip on them, or you will be the official owner of a hobby that consumes you. When you manage your finances, you can enjoy the clarity of where you are and where you are going.”

Sili Recio

“My biggest fear was messing something up on my taxes. You don’t have to worry about such things, any longer. With tools like the self-employment tax calculator, you’ll be able to avoid the heartburn and night sweats that could be brought on when working on taxes. Oh and did I mention that this calculator is free? That’s also important when you are self employed.”

Marines Duarte

“Sabemos que tener dudas sobre temas de negocios es común y el tratar de resolverlos puede llegar a ser frustrante. Por eso te recomendamos el centro de ayuda gratuito “Resource Center” de Intuit QuickBooks, un servicio maravilloso que aclara nuestras dudas y facilita el proceso de crear un negocio.”

To learn more about the QuickBooks Resource Center and find new #WaysToGrow your business, visit the QuickBooks Resource Center website