Get to Know Our Top 35!

Based on our mission, we believe in a community where we can support each other and grow together. We want to know more about you and share it with the community, so we have designed a small interview that we will be showcasing every Monday. We're starting with our Top 35. ¿Qué es eso? It's a special group of blogueras that believed so much in #WeAllGrow Summit, that they jumped on the opportunity to grab a very specially discounted ticket within hours of our announcement. Because of their commitment and passion, we celebrate them now and leading up to the conference on February 26-28.


Today, we start with Vanessa, writer and legacy builder at De Su Mama. Get ready to know more about this wonderful mamá latina!


1. What does the word "Grow" mean to you in your blogging career?

To me, in relation to my blogging journey, to "grow" means to be aware - of your influence, voice and, certainly, of the legacy you're creating - and to be proud of it all. The more I acknowledge my growth as a woman, a Latina and a mother, the more my blog has grown.

2. What excites you about growth?

Growth is a relative term. I love that it can mean whatever you choose it to mean. Growth to one blogger could mean higher pageviews or sponsored post rates, while to another it could be mean simply speaking out on sensitive topics and making a difference. I'm excited by growth because it's fluid and defined by the goals and ambitions I set for myself.

3. How can one community grow together?

A community - our community - grows together by being great together. Whatever we're doing - food, crafts, parenting - we need to be great and authentic. Our writing needs to speak our truths, our photos need to reflect our lives and, to grow and evolve, this needs to be done in a way that is happily digested by, not only the multicultural market, but the general one too. We need to be great!

4. How do you proactively help others grow?

I'm open and honest with where I'm at, where I've been and how I'm getting there.. almost to a fault. I want to see my fellow Latina bloggers succeed and support Ana and the LBC community wholeheartedly.

5. What do you hope to get out of #WeAllGrow Summit?

I hope to collaborate at #WeAllGrow. Living in Vegas, not near many Latina Bloggers, I sometimes feel isolated. We all lead busy lives and I'm excited to get some quality time with Latinas I know and those I want to meet! Watermark Pink125x125