Fresh, Fast and Healthy Food Options for the summer

Summer is the season for road trips, picnics, new activities for the kids and a lot of change in schedules. In the hustle and bustle of fun summer activities, you need a fresh, fast an healthy option to fuel your family. Lucky for you, 7-Eleven has an array of healthy fresh sandwiches and salads to keep your family going!A group of #LatinaBloggers had the chance to try out the fresh options 7-Eleven offers and shared their best #7EFresh tips for picnics, road trips and healthy eating on the run and budget.


Growing Up Bilingual "Don’t fail to include healthy snacks. Both the kids and the adults in our family get really cranky when they are hungry and there is nothing worse than cranky kids stuck in a car for hours. Bringing junk food, unhealthy snacks and sugary snacks will only get the kids in a sugar rush and when they crash the whining and complaining will haunt the rest of your trip. At 7-Eleven you will always find a great Fresh Foods selection of snacks including apples, bananas, oranges, cheese, fruit and yogurt. Setting times for snacks and making sure you have healthy and balanced options will keep everyone in a good mood."


Raised by Culture "Once a week, for a couple hours a day, no matter how busy I am, I take the kids to the park. It is mandatory. Don’t tell them that though, they love me being spontaneous. Nothing like getting our lungs going with a little play and feeling the sun on our faces. One of the worst side effects of being your own boss and working from home is not having the desire to cook. I’m always looking for good food on the go. Fresh sandwiches, salads, fresh cut fruit, whole fruit, veggie packs… My secret: 7-Eleven. Yep I said it. 7-Eleven’s fresh foods are prepared in local kitchens and delivered to stores daily! Fresh and value are the most important factors to me."

michelle-cantu-7-eleven-fresh-foods-to-go-shop-513x600 A Thrifty Diva

"As a family of five merging everyone’s schedules is beyond stressful. I don’t think my kids even remember what home cooked meals are, it’s embarrassing I know. I have packed so much into this summer that we don’t seem to be home long enough to get a meal on a plate. My kids don’t seem to mind not eating at home in-fact they love eating in the car and especially love having a picnic at the park in between me being their taxi. The convenience of 7-Eleven is a fast and simple way for me to grab healthy food options and be on our way."