Everything You Need to Know to Prepare For #WeAllGrow Summit 2018!


We are less than a month away from one of the most anticipated weekends to come, #WeAllGrow Summit 2018!

By now you’ve already purchased your summit ticket, flight, and booked your room. BUT, there are still a million and one questions floating through your mind. No worries, amigas. We got you covered and hereto answer them.


What to Expect

As we get closer to #WeAllGrow Summit 2018 your adrenaline levels have begun to rise and excitement is slowly building up. But most of all you’re probably wondering “what will this experience be like?” Expect this to be a venture of meeting new people and learning from them as they learn from you. You will be living every day of the Summit by the water and ocean breeze of Hotel Maya. But most of all you will be digging and learning more about yourself. This is the time where you try new methods or create a plan to explore new routes.

You will meet amazing women who will become your sisters through energy and support, as well as brands that believe in you and your community. So get ready for an amazing adventure.


#WeAllGrow Summit 2018 Agenda

Have you begun planning your agenda? Do you know what sessions you would like to attend? You can head on over to #WeAllGrow Summit 2018 Agenda and create your own personal agenda with the sessions of your choice. This is a great way to have a guide and stay on track of your day. The sessions are first-come-first-serve for those with All-Access tickets. Connect-Only tickets,  you may have to wait and see if the session is at capacity, if not you will be welcome to join.


The easiest and most cost-effective way to make your way to Hotel Maya

Let’s break down the “how and to” of making your way to Hotel Maya.  If you’re flying in from LAX (22 miles away) or Long Beach Airport (10 miles away), there are many options that are easy, economical and stress.free methods of making your way there.


This option is only available at LAX but one of the most wallet-friendly options, a ride will cost you $9. Find out More.


These two are literally a click ways to book and catch a ride. NOTE: Prices do vary by arrival times and airport traffic. Do expect to pay anywhere between $27-$32 for Uber and $28-$39 for Lyft. Rates are subject to change based on availability.


These shared rides can be book in advance and you will get dropped off steps away from Hotel Maya’s main lobby. The next step for you is to check in. That’s how accessible these shuttles are. Check out AMPM Shuttle and Prime Time Shuttle for more information.


There are approximately 10 taxi companies which continue to operate throughout LAX. If a taxi is a choice of yours, you can find one curbside of the Lower/Arrival level outside each terminal. Follow the yellow ‘Taxis’ sign to catch one.


Tips to Dress and Leave your Style Signature at #WeAllGrow

One of the parts we all look forward is the unique blend of people attending and inspiring each other at  #WeAllGrow Summit in many ways, for instance in fashion. Everyone has their own flavor when it comes to style. That is why we are sharing some ideas for you to begin styling your outfits for each day.

Whether it’s comfort, layers, colors, prints or simplicity, there’s a way to make your statement. Click here to get inspiration from some of our fashionistas.  


Looking for Something Savory or Sweet in Long Beach

Who doesn’t love to go out and explore the area after a productive day at #WeAllGrow Summit? Long Beach is a vibrant city with an array of eating options that you can indulge from. Some are walking distance other may require a request to an Uber or Lyft ride. Check out some of Long Beach’s favorite eateries that hit the spot.