Exploring El Mundo Divertido de Peep Bilingual Website

We love when things go bilingual and we just can't get enough, especially when its geared towards kids and teaching them Spanish. This month #LatinaBloggers were able to explore the new Peep and the Big Wide World bilingual website and digital hub also know as El Mundo Divertido de Peep and create some fun activities inspired by the new website. Check out how much fun they had.


Kinda Silly Mom

"One of the categories that you can explore on the Peep website is Animals & Plants. For us anything involved with going outdoors is what we are all about."


Growing Up Bilingual

"From the first time my kids saw Peep and the Big World on TV they loved it. The fun characters are always up to something interesting that wakes up their creativity and keeps my kids entertained and I love that these simply and fun characters are always teaching kids something new."


Estilo Familiar

"El portal de Peep and the Big Wide World / El Mundo Divertido de Peep es bilingüe y cuenta con una inmensidad de actividades para hacer en familia. Son proyectos sencillos que puedes hacer sólo con tus hijos o con un grupo de amigos."


The Sensible Mom

"One of my favorite parts of the Peep and the Big Wide World website is the educators area where you can find a number of different activities to engage your child and encourage their curiosity."

My Chore Chart Printable - At The Fire Hydrant

At The Fire Hydrant

"One of the lessons was called Set me a place, where ordinary household routines offer great opportunities for the kids to learn and practice number skills and to help make them feel important."


Notas de Mama

"Ultimamente esta oscureciendo muy rápido, atrás quedaron los días de juego al aire libre hasta las 8 de la noche hasta el próximo verano, pero no significa que no podemos divertirnos y aprender al  mismo tiempo."

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