The LATISM – BlogHer Publishing Network

On August 3rd, 2011 BlogHer announced their partnership with LATISM (Latinos in Social Media.) This partnership means two things: • The creation of The LATISM – BlogHer Publishing Network, (and) • The annual LATISM conference will now be sponsored by BlogHer

The second item is easy enough to understand, but since the announcement there have been a lot of questions about what exactly the LATISM – BlogHer Publishing Network is, how it works, and who qualifies to get involved. Today we'll answer those questions and more, so let's jump right in.

What is the LATISM – BlogHer Publishing Network?

Put simply, the LATISM – BlogHer Publishing Network is a network for bloggers that will provide marketing and revenue opportunities for those who join.

How does it work?

After joining and being approved, the blogger will be given a code to add to their blog, (which must be displayed above the fold.) This code will enable "branding, advertising and marketing elements designed to feature marketing partners and community news."

LATISM – BlogHer will also "survey your brand preferences to make sure [they] match you with the right advertising partners."

Bloggers are paid via a revenue share. Specifics on how the revenue share works have not yet been addressed in detail.

Who qualifies?

"Latinas and Latinos who write in English and Spanish about everything from parenting to politics, from food to business and entrepreneurship." – Yes, male bloggers are also welcome to participate.

Bloggers must be on their own domain or on a blogging platform that allows for monetization. (Those on, for example, can not participate as it a violation of terms of service. should not be confused with

Other guidelines provided on the BlogHer website seem quite strict, (click here for a complete list) – but according to the new FAQ put out on the LATISM blog and on the BlogHer website, don't be so quick to count yourself out even if you don't quite meet the requirements.

For example, the BlogHer website states that qualifying blogs must be, "free of any advertorial or sponsored posts, and compensated product reviews." – This one requirement disqualifies the majority of bloggers in the Latina/o community who would be interested in the program. Fear not, though. You may still have a chance. The new FAQ states:

"… If you have other relationships, including with individual brands, that you think will not affect our partners, we’re happy to discuss these with you…"


"…Bloggers with existing sponsored content may work with the LATISM-BlogHer Network team to determine if posts are within community guidelines, or if they should be moved to a section of the blog that doesn’t display LATISM – BlogHer ads…"

The FAQ repeatedly invites bloggers to contact them to discuss, talk and ask any questions they may have, so obviously great efforts are being made to work individually with bloggers and to avoid unnecessarily excluding those who are interested in participating.

The bottom line – if you feel that the guidelines disqualify you but you're still interested in participating in the LATISM – BlogHer Network, contact them directly to talk about your individual situation.

What are the benefits of joining?

According to the FAQ: The opportunity to "gain additional exposure" for your blog and social media influence.

The possibility of being "paid for your work" and getting to "participate in a variety of advertising and marketing initiatives with...Fortune 500 partners."

What are the disadvantages of joining?

Possibly limiting the companies you can work with while you're a part of the LATISM - BlogHer network.

For example: As the guidelines currently stand, it appears that you would not be able to participate in future campaigns or sponsored posts made available through Latina Bloggers Connect - at least not on the same page that displays the LATISM - BlogHer Network ads. (This exact situation has not been addressed specifically and we'd like to find out more.)

Possibly being required to rearrange your sidebar and/or template to accommodate the above the fold LATISM - BlogHer unit.

Possibly being required to move old content/posts to come into compliance with LATISM - BlogHer Network guidelines.

How do I sign up?

You can't sign up just yet. To be notified when they will accept applications, click here, fill out the information and submit. LATISM – BlogHer will be in touch.

When does it launch?

An exact date hasn't been given. The press release states: "the network is scheduled to launch this fall" and the newly published FAQ states more specifically that it will launch in "September." Stay tuned to the LATISM blog and BlogHer website for updates.

Still have questions?

LATISM – BlogHer welcome you to contact them directly for any questions that weren't answered here or in the FAQ.

Note: For the very latest information please check out the FAQ on BlogHer or LATISM. The BlogHer - LATISM FAQ is evolving as they answer submitted questions and work out the details.

Tracy López is a writer living outside the D.C. Metro area. Her blog,, examines cultural differences she discovers as she navigates life in a bicultural, bilingual family. She can also be reached via Twitter @Latinaish.