Delicious and Traditional Pasta Dishes #EsPosibleConBarilla

This past Hispanic Heritage month #LatinaBloggers created tasty dishes "con su sazón” and Barilla. The wide variety of Barilla's simple, healthy pasta is enjoyed by families all over and allows us all to get creative with our dishes. Since there is nothing like a meal that brings back good memories, check out these traditional dishes that will have you rethinking your next pasta dish!

Ericka Sanchez_Barilla_SpaghettiSpaghetti Carbonara with Tomatoes 

by Nibbles and Feasts

"Barilla is the perfect pasta to help keep new and traditional dishes alive by offering a variety of pasta cuts to express creativity in the kitchen. "

Penelope Guzman_Barilla_Tri Color Rotini

Tri-Color Rotini With Chorizo

by  Penelope's Oasis

 "Our children are learning to join us and sit like fine little gentlemen, and I prefer to spend more time with my family, and less time cooking (if possible) so this recipe for Tri-Color Rotini Pasta with Chorizo is wonderful, because it’s not only delicious, it’s pretty simple to make. It’s my twist on arroz con chorizo."

Maura Wall Hernandez_Barilla_fideo-seco-TOSOTT

Fideo Seco

by  The Other Side of the Tortilla

 "I’ve used Barilla’s fideo cut in this recipe, which is a cut familiar to any Mexican or Mexican-American family—it’s the same cut used in sopa de fideo, a tomato broth soup with noodles. Barilla’s superior quality pasta means your fideo won’t stick or clump, and has a flavor that complements this traditional Mexican dish."

Maria Aponte_Barilla_Manicotti

Manicotti Barilla de amarillos y frijoles

by  Verdelicias

"El Manicotti (también conocidos como canelón) es, por ejemplo, unas de nuestras variedades favoritas. Se pueden rellenar de mil ingredientes deliciosos, incluyendo opciones saludables y vegetarianas para nutrir la dieta semanal de la familia."


Chorizo-Spaghetti Tart

by Hungry Food Love

"Everything my mom made was perfect and so delicious, she always added her personal signature touch of love in the food she prepared. Her spaghetti casserole was amazing and I remember devouring all of my plate whenever she would make it." 

For more delicious recipes ideas follow #EsPosibleConBarilla and for more Barilla info visit the Barilla website and for Spanish visit Pasta A Tu Estilo.