Dándole Vida A La Comida With Hunt's® Tomatoes For National Tomato Month

October is National Tomato Month and our #LatinaBloggers  are celebrating by whipping up some oh-so-tasty dishes in the kitchen, pero con el sabor Latino que nos encanta.  Check out what these culinary artists created with Hunt's® Tomatoes! Just be warned, you might get the urge to lick your screen. ¡Se nos hace agua la boca!

Hunts The Other Side of the Tortilla

The Other Side of the Tortilla

"Tinga de Pollo, also known as Tinga Poblana or Chicken Tinga, is a flavorful, authentic Mexican dish that you can get on the dinner table in less than an hour."

Hunts Mommyhood Diary

The Mommyhood Diary

"To make my recipe even more irresistible I added Hunt’s® Fire Roasted Tomatoes. I love cooking with fresh ingredients, and I feel like Hunt’s® tomatoes  is the closest to fresh."

Hunts From Brazil to You

From Brazil to You

"I loooove to create Latin recipes (many of which call for tomatoes and tomato products), like our spicy tomato soup shots. They are small in portion, yet full of flavor — and can be served as a party or holiday appetizer, or as a starter to a great meal."

Hunts Nibbles and Feasts

Nibbles and Feasts

Don’t purchase prepared and packaged bean dip ever again. This homemade bean dip with Mexican beef chorizo will change your life forever. Known as frijoles de fiesta, or party beans, this dip is so tasty you will not be able to put down that chip and have just one taste."

Hunts Cocina Chronicals

Cocina Chronicles

"The key and main ingredient in this recipe is the use of tomatoes.  The tomatoes should be ripe and ultimately juicy to make a perfectly delicious sauce."

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