Child Safety Starts Arriba Y Lejos with Tide® and Gain®

Keeping our kids safe should start at home.  We always think of home as a safe haven, but it's the first place we have to focus on when it comes to child safety.  Tide® and Gain® know that one of the rooms we spend a lot of time in and tend to overlook when it comes to keeping things out of our children's reach is the laundry room.   Last week was Poison Prevention Week and we learned from many #LatinaBloggers about their personal laundry room safety experiences and tips about keeping hazardous items #ArribaYLejos.


Unknown Mami

"It’s a powerful, phenomenal thing, but let’s remember that with great power comes great responsibility and in this case, as a parent, my responsibility is to keep my kids safe from the awesome products that make my life easier like Tide Pods and Gain Flings  because they demand the same kinds of precautions that all household cleaning products require."


Very Busy Mama

"I prefer my children to learn household responsibilities at an early age, know the truths (such as what is dangerous, etc.)"


Second Chanced Girl

 "As a parent, I take extra precaution when it comes to storing these pods. I love using my pods. They are super convenient and much less time consuming than having to measure out three products. I am aware of the dangers though so they go up on that shelf and the kids are not allowed in the laundry room."


El Tintero de Mama

"Lo primordial es reconocer que los niños pequeños son autodidactas y todo lo quieren saber y exploran el mundo con sus boquitas. El que los niños se lleven objetos a la boca es absolutamente normal y hasta beneficioso para su desarrollo, por lo que no debemos de tratar de evitar esta etapa de los pequeños. Sin embargo, lo que si debemos hacer es estar conscientes y alerta en todo momento."

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