These Moms Know The Best Tips for their Kids Skincare Routine with Clean & Clear

These Moms Know The Best Tips for their Kids Skincare Routine with Clean & Clear

Now that kids are back-to-school, it's time for parents to get back on the grind of the basic routines that encompass a tween and teen's life. And, yes, learning and sticking too a basic skin care routine is an important habit to develop early on. 

NurturMe: Keeping Tummies Happy

We all want what's best for our babies and finding great baby food doesn't have to be so hard. NurturMe’s organic tummy friendly baby and toddler foods are free from common allergens that can upset sensitive bellies and promote good digestive health. No gluten, dairy, soy, egg or guilt; and our ancient grain based cereals and snacks deliver a daily dose of probiotics. Some of our baby influencers were able to give NurturMe a try. Check out their videos below!

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 4.58.20 PM.png

Live Colorful

Today we are partnering with @nurturme and trying their delicious healthy, tummy friendly food for babies and toddlers 😋 Jaxon is already a fan of their ancient grain cookies, power blends and 100% quinoa squares! And mom is happy knowing that there’s nothing in these snacks that can upset sensitive bellies, no gluten, dairy, soy, egg or guilt. 🌈Check out the video we created (link in bio 👆) #Sponsored #TummyFriendly#YummyLife

En Tus Zapatos

 to one of the videos I've enjoyed the most doing! On this day, Lu 💕 surprised us all with her acting debut in English telling us about her new @nuturme 100% organic snacks! This video is too cute to miss! Please click on the link in my profile to view the full video 🥕🍓🍌 #TummyFriendly#YummyLife #ad #NuevoVideo #ad

Sweet Molcajete

It can be truly difficult to find healthy snacks that are both nutritious and delicious. But, guess what? It's not impossible! @nurturme organic toddler snacks surprised us all with their delicious flavors. And mommy was all happy to know that there is nothing in them that would upset their stomach since they're gluten, soy, dairy, egg and even guilt free 😅  #YummyLife #TummyFriendly #ad

For more on NurturMe Baby Foods follow the hashtags #YummyLife and #TummyFriendly or visit their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

Lo Que Nos Hace Fuertes #FuertesconLeche

It’s important for kids to get protein at every meal, especially breakfast. Studies have shown that eating breakfast helps kids focus and concentrate better at school.  Milk contains nine essential nutrients in each glass and is a simple, delicious and wholesome way to give your kids a natural source of high-quality protein. You can pair your breakfast with a glass of milk for 8 grams of high-quality protein per 8 ounce glass or mix it into your favorite smoothie, overnight oats or breakfast recipe. Kids already love milk, so including it as part of a protein rich breakfast can be easy. Don't believe me? Check out some of these delicious recipe our Influencers created with milk to make us #FuertesConLeche.

Lemon Pancakes with Berry Compote

Mama Latina Tips

Giving the boys a breakfast with protein, I think, is the best way to start their day. I can see they have the energy they need and will run off to school contented and ready to learn. Of course, breakfast doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be as simple as a glass of milk with toast (each 8oz glass of milk has 9 essential nutrients including protein), or oatmeal made with milk, or a fruit licuado.

Easy Breakfast Frittata

Kinda Silly Mommy

It's a big responsibility as a parent to make sure that our little ones get the nutrients that their growing bodies need. Because, let's face it. If it were up to them, they would live off of a diet of cheddar fish and fruit snacks. It's important for kids to get protein at every meal, especially breakfast.  Did you know that milk has 9 essential nutrients in each glass? Milk is a natural source of high-quality protein and it doesn't even need to be served in a glass. It's so easy to add it to your meals, especially since you always have milk on hand.

Eggless Orange Blueberry Corn Bread

Mommy's Home Cooking

My kids really really really like milk. Since they wake up in the morning the first thing they ask for is a cup of warm milk. I love that they do because I know that It’s important for kids to get protein at every meal, especially breakfast. Plus, studies show eating breakfast helps kids focus and concentrate at school. With 9 essential nutrients in each glass, milk is a simple, delicious and wholesome way to give my kids a natural source of high-quality protein – plus other nutrients they need.

Batido de Chocolate, Banano y Aguacate

Una Colombiana en California

Fuertes con Leche es una campaña que nos recuerda lo importante que es incentivar el consumo de proteína en cada comida, especialmente en el desayuno de nuestros niños. Son numerosos los estudios que demuestran que un buen desayuno les ayuda a mantener la atención y concentración en las actividades escolares.

Be sure to check out or follow the #FuertesConLeche hashtag for more great recipe! 

On The Go with LALA® Yogurt Smoothies

Happy New Year! Now it's time to get going and get back to the grind. Our lives don't stop, always running around taking the kids to school, working out and running household errands can get crazy! Don't worry, LALA® Yogurt Smoothies has you covered for your on-the-go life! For more than six decades, LALA®  has been providing families with the great taste and nutrition of delicious, good-for-you dairy products. They’re always looking for new ways to fuel your on-the-go lifestyle with the goodness of fresh dairy products.  Some of our Texas Latina Influencers share how LALA® Yogurt Smoothies are the perfect on-the-go snack for their on-the-go life. #LALAHEB

Hott Mom in the City

"Eating on-the-go is something many of us do during the busy weeks of the holidays. This time of year can very busy and hectic for many of us. The perfect on-the-go snack can keep us in a jolly mood between holiday events and the shopping madness. LALA® Yogurt Smoothies are a delicious snack made with real fruit and offer 5g of protein."


"LS is on the receiving end of whatever I put in my body, so the fact that LALA® Yogurt Smoothies are made with real fruit [or real nuts, depending on the flavor you buy] makes deciding what to quickly grab from the fridge pretty easy."


Seven Graces

"I usually skip breakfast, but with nursing, I must eat. Since I’m always pressed for time because of our never-ending busy schedule, I’ve been on the hunt for simple breakfasts and snacks. The other day, we headed to H-E-B, and I found these LALA® Yogurt Smoothies, and they are the perfect solution to satisfying my hunger while I’m on-the-go. They have 5g of protein and 8g of whole grains."

To check out more about LALA® Yogurt Smoothies visit their Facebook, TwitterInstagram and YouTube.

JOHNSON’S® #TonightWeSleep™ 7-day Challenge

JOHNSON’S® #TonightWeSleep™ 7-day Challenge
JOHNSON’S® #TonightWeSleep™ 7-day Challenge

For any new mom, sleep is a very important topic. In fact, a survey has shown it's their number one challenge, ahead of time and money and is typically ranked among the highest in search terms.  Luckily JOHNSON’S® has launched a new global campaign called Tonight We Sleep™, which focuses on a proven sleep routine for baby’s happy, healthy development: Warm bath, Gentle Massage and Quiet Time. JOHNSON’S® multi-sensorial 3-Step BEDTIME® Routine consistently improves baby’s sleep and is clinically proven to help baby fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Our mommy bloggers downloaded the JOHNSON’S® Tonight We Sleep™ App and tried the routine on their little ones last week. Below they share if it made a difference for their babies.

Munchkins and Military

"I’ve been using the app for a week, and just love all of the features it has. One specific thing that we’ve been doing with Ju is the Tonight We Sleep™ 7-day Challenge. Through the challenge, we can track how Ju has been sleeping, and the progress we’re making while adjusting to our new normal. I happy to learn that although our routine isn’t perfect, we’re not doing too bad!"

JOHNSON’S® #TonightWeSleep™ 7-day Challenge
JOHNSON’S® #TonightWeSleep™ 7-day Challenge

Criando Ando

"Este camino con mi chiquitín apenas comienza, pero ser la tercera vez tiene muchos beneficios como aprender de los errores cometidos con mis otros hijos, tener un poco más de confianza y experiencia y contar con herramientas que me ayuden como la rutina desarrollada por JOHNSON’S®."

JOHNSON’S® #TonightWeSleep™ 7-day Challenge
JOHNSON’S® #TonightWeSleep™ 7-day Challenge

5 Eyeliners and 1 Gloss

"Nothing gets a child down better than a lullaby. In the app, JOHNSON’S is also unveiling the first lullaby that leverages the science of sound and of moms, to aid in the bedtime process."

JOHNSON’S® #TonightWeSleep™ 7-day Challenge
JOHNSON’S® #TonightWeSleep™ 7-day Challenge

Mi Carita Feliz

"Las canciones de cuna Tonight We Sleep™ incluyen sonidos únicos que se utilizan alrededor del mundo para ayudar a que el bebé se duerma, tales como el océano, animales del bosque y hasta los latidos del corazón de mamá, y la preferida de mi bebe: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star."

JOHNSON’S® #TonightWeSleep™ 7-day Challenge
JOHNSON’S® #TonightWeSleep™ 7-day Challenge

Not Your Ordinary Mamas

"There are some nights when Shiloh is a doll to put to sleep, and there are some nights I want to pull my hair out. Sleep for adults and children is a very big necessity. Sleep for the little ones is essential because that is when they grow and develop the most. Sleep allows them to physically, emotionally, and cognitively grow. All of this helps with memory support, being active, and less tantrums. When I learned about Johnson's® Tonight We Sleep™7-day Challenge."

Visit Johnson's® to download the app and give it try on your little one!

It's Tax Time! Have You Filed Yours? #MasConHRBlock

Eek! One week left to file those taxes. April 18th is coming fast! Are you ready?  You have three extras days to file your taxes this year! If you are not ready, you may be able to file an extension with H&R Block. Plus H&R Block offers help year round. Have a unique tax need? They've got you covered all year.  H&R Block speaks our language, with about 9,000 bilingual tax professionals they offer clients an ongoing relationship (year after year) with a trusted expert who understands them.  The H&R Block Ambassadors break it down and help you get through this crazy season, on step at a time. 

It's Tax Time! Have You Filed Yours? #MasConHRBlock

Still need help finding a tax professional. Pattie shares a great checklist to help you choose who's right for you.

Living Mi Vida Loca

"We invite you to use our checklist when choosing a tax professional to ensure that you get a good tax return experience, and hopefully enough money back to use on a summer vacation too."

It's Tax Time! Have You Filed Yours? #MasConHRBlock

Already filed your taxes? High five! Now it's time to find ways to spend your refund.  Jeannette Kaplun shares ways she and you can spend your tax refund.

Hispana Global

"A tax refund is always a great thing but there are many ways to make it even better!"

 It's Tax Time! Have You Filed Yours? #MasConHRBlock

Already getting ready for next year? Diana can help you prepare next year's tax season

Entre Compras y El Hogar

"Guarda todos tus recibos: Puedes utilizar una carpeta o hasta un contenedor plástico, lo importante es tener estos documentos en un solo lugar"

It's Tax Time! Have You Filed Yours? #MasConHRBlock

Be sure to think positive and embrace your financial planning to make things easier for you.

Crafty Chica

"I changed my whole perspective on money and finances. That’s the inspiration behind these Financial Resolution Affirmation Cards"

Are you sure you got your full refund last year? What about the last three years? Depending on your circumstances, you may not have claimed all the credits or deductions you deserve. With the Second Look® tax review service, our trained professionals will check your returns for FREE that you or others prepared, and we may be able to get you more money back.

For more information be sure to visit H&R Block.

Spreading the #VapoLove with Vicks VapoRub

Cold and flu season hit us hitting pretty hard. Even now that Spring is here, many parts of the country are still dealing with cold weather and snow.  But at the first sign of a sniffle, VapoRub or Vaporú, (how our mamas and abuelitas call it) is the go to for many Latina moms. The calming ingredients inside this jar are the perfect remedy to sooth our chests and throats.  Abuelita always trusted VapoRub, and Abuelita was always right! Check out how some of our #LatinaBloggers spreading the #VapoLove and sharing their childhood memories with Vaporú.  

Spreading the #VapoLove with Vicks VapoRub

A Thrifty Diva

"I vividly remember that itchy feeling in my throat and that raspy cough. Once the VapoRub touched my throat and chest the vapors almost immediately opened my airways. It was a welcome relief and a calming feeling

Spreading the #VapoLove with Vicks VapoRub

The Latina Homemaker

"Growing up, my home always had a jar of Vicks VapoRub, or Vaporú, handy. As a kid, I remember my mom rubbing it on at night to help me feel instant relief."

Spreading the #VapoLove with Vicks VapoRub

 Lola Blue Style

"I clearly remember my mom using Vicks for her headaches... for my gripes, for my bruises... and for a zillion other illnesses. And now that I am a mom I find myself doing the same with my 4 year old."

Spreading the #VapoLove with Vicks VapoRub

Penelope Oasis

"When my children are sick, I cuddle with them too. I read to them, bring them hot chocolate, stroke their foreheads, and rub Vicks VapoRub onto their chest."

Be sure to follow #VapoLove for more childhood memories with Vicks VapoRub.

Feel Orgullosa to Blend the Best of Your Traditions for the Perfect Celebration

During the winter holidays, we were all bombarded with so many fun and creative ideas, projects and recipes from our #LatinaBloggers! Orgullosa asked some of our bloggers to share their holiday celebrations and  favorite Latino-inspired recipes. Let me tell you, they did not disappoint! Our DIY creatives shared their adorable projects, like present wrapping and how to decorate your office space, while the cooking experts made our mouths water with so many sweet and savory treats. You can check out some of their creations below.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 12.11.29 PM

Little Inspiration

"Have you ever thought of using paper towels to wrap gifts? Add a little color by letting the kids paint over the Bounty paper towels, let dry and use to wrap small gifts."

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 11.42.41 AM

Lola Blue Style

"I am so happy to share that I've partnered with Orgullosa to share my tips on how to decorate your space this holiday season. I love making my home feel festive and cozy all year round but especially during this time of the year."

And let's not forget about some of delectable dishes that make the holidays the best time of the year! 


Venezuelan Polvorosas Cookies from Mommyhoods Diary


Coquito Puertorriqueño from


Chipotle Bacon 7 Layer Dip from Hott Mama in the City

You can check out the entire online Orgullosa Cookbook for more recipes and download a copy to keep all for yourself! Be sure to also follow Orgullosa on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or follow the #FiestasMyWay hashtag.

Inspiring Our Next Generations to Live Healthy with Fuel Up To Play 60

This year PepsiCo Foundation, GENYOUth and Fuel Up to Play 60 partnered to create the Fuel Up to Play 60 en Español website. This extension of the Fuel Up To Play 60 website offers Spanish-language resources that aim to get parents and communities involved in health and fitness inside and outside of the classroom. The website launch was accompanied by two live events in Miami and Los Angeles. The launch of Fuel Up to Play 60 en Español aims to engage kids and their Latino parents and communities in conversations about health and wellness. Everyone has a role to play in supporting the development of a healthy, high-achieving generation of empowered youth and our bloggers feel this way too! They shared ways they keep their little ones healthy, especially during the colder months and ways to give a healthy touch to those holiday dishes. 


Hispana Global

"Por eso cada vez que veo una iniciativa que promueve la actividad física y buenos hábitos alimenticios, me dan ganas de saltar de alegría."


Mama XXI

"Existen opciones y variedades en la actualidad, es uno de los beneficios de estos tiempos tecnológicos. A mi me encantan aquellos sitios o plataformas, que están dirigidos especialmente a las mamás latinas. Y como estoy segura que a ti también te comparto esta información que me resultó muy práctica y motivadora." 


Growing up Bilingual

"Sometimes it might be a pickup game of soccer or walking around the park – we all do what we love, with the people we love;  and it’s always a great time. No planning, money or hassle involved, getting active is free, healthy fun for the whole family."

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 6.56.37 PM

Entre Compras y El Hogar

"Es increíble pero llegó la época de fin de año y por fin podremos disfrutar de esas deliciosas recetas latinas que tanto amamos en estas fechas, pero como ya les he contado en muchas de mis publicaciones de recetas latinas en especial las colombianas, las he ido modificando para darle ese toque más saludable sin que pierdan su sabor y esencia y menos la historia con lo que las preparaban mis abuelas."

For more information about Fuel Up To Play visit their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. And be sure to follow the #FuelGreatness for more tips on keeping the family active and healthy. 

The Power of Pine Sol Has You Covered

Life is not about having things, but about living each day to the fullest no matter what. Happiness is not about how much is spent, but about experiencing moments - with your senses, with the heart, and with those around you. But carving time for fun and family while setting those daily house duties aside can be very hard.  Luckily no matter what stinks, Pine-Sol® has you covered and our #LatinaBloggers share some very cool tips and tricks to help keep your house clean with the #PowerOfPinesol. Romina

Romina Tibytt

Hogar con niños limpio y saludable

"Pasos sencillos y eficientes para mantener la casa con niños limpia todos los días, sin perder la cordura en el intento. ¿El secreto? Limpiar a fondo una vez a la semana y mantener durante el resto."

#PowerofPineSol Romina Tibytt


Adriana Escalante Calderón

Aromatiza y desinfecta en 1-2-3

"Aromatizar y desinfectar la casa no requiere de gran esfuerzo. Desde la cocina hasta los baños y dormitorios pueden quedar oliendo delicioso y 99% libres de gérmenes con Pine Sol en 3 fáciles pasos.  No solo es fácil sino económico."

#PowerofPineSol Adriana Eacalante


Michelle Cantu

Get Rid of Pet Messes

"Accidents happen and those mysterious messes left by Fido and Fluffy are not always easy to explain. Get them out without any lingering traces with these easy-to-follow steps."

#PowerofPineSol Michelle Cantu


Staci Salazar

Keep Your Home Clean With Kids

"Keeping a clean house with kids in the home can be a chore and taxing on your sanity. Learn to enjoy your kids more and stress less by doing a little each day."

#PowerofPineSol Staci Salazar

For more tips and tricks using the #PowerofPinesol visit

Join the #FruttareLife, it's so refreshing!

Summer is almost over, but the heat doesn't seem to be going anywhere any time soon.  So the craze for things to keep us cool is still ongoing.  If you are still in the mood for something refreshing and low-calorie like we are then you have to try Fruttare® Fruit Bars. This delicious line of frozen fruit bars are made with real fruit you can taste. Plus Fruttare® currently sources sustainably farmed strawberries, coconuts, bananas and limes. The Fruttare® brand is inspired by a positive outlook on life and offers nine deliciously refreshing frozen fruit bar flavors so you have plenty to choose from.  Come on and join the #FruttareLife! Join the #FruttareLife, it's so refreshing!

Adriana's Best Recipes

"Piña Coladas are one of my favorite drinks since I love fresh pineapple and coconut cream. And Fruttare® fruit bars makes it easy to enjoy a kid-friendly piña colada break having a frozen fruit bar that is made with real fruit while providing a delicious and refreshing taste experience."

Join the #FruttareLife, it's so refreshing!


"Estas paletas Fruttare® pueden comerse solas o si prefieres puedes crear una rica receta con ellas. Algo así como un batido, cubrirlas con almendra, coco o granola o simplemente comerlas como vienen."

Join the #FruttareLife, it's so refreshing!

Crafty Chica

"We welcome all and creative cool-down methods available, including eating lots of frozen treats!"

Join the #FruttareLife, it's so refreshing!

Soy Mama en Casa

"Sin embargo he descubierto que para las meriendas y para refrescar estas tardes de verano una excelente opción son estas deliciosas paletas elaboradas con frutas y jugo de verdad."

Join the #FruttareLife, it's so refreshing!

En Tus Zapatos

"Estas barras heladas están hechas con frutas cosechadas bajo las mejores condiciones. Lo mejor de Fruttare es que son helados bajas en calorías y tienen muchísimas opciones de sabores para escoger "

For more on Fruttare® Fruit Bars visit their website, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages.

Getting Ready For Back To School Has Never Been Easier

Back to school is already here! It's time to get back to our regular routines of evenings helping with homework and early bedtimes.  But even before we begin to think about school nights, we still have a long list of to-do's to get our kids ready for this school year. JCPenney® offers the convenience of shopping for all your back to school apparel needs under one roof. They offers a variety of styles to fit the entire family’s needs with affordable quality brands we all trust.  Our #LatinaBloggers show just how fun, easy, and convenient it is to #BendTheTrend at JCPenney. Getting Ready For Back To School Has Never Been Easier #BendTheTrend

Conserva Mom

Back to school  time has arrived. But getting ready doesn’t have to be a nightmare. That is if you head to your nearest JCPenny’s and take care of all your back to school shopping under one roof.

Getting Ready For Back To School Has Never Been Easier #BendTheTrend

The Mom's Buzz

I thought to myself, “I just found the one-stop store to dress my entire family for back to school…why go elsewhere?”

Getting Ready For Back To School Has Never Been Easier #BendTheTrend

Penelope's Oasis

Back to school fashion is probably the only time the words fashion are on the mind of my sons, but the truth is most kids love shopping for back to school clothes. Especially if they get to Bend the Trend and express their quirky, unique sense of style with mashed up outfits that mix totally different styles into one really cool look.

Getting Ready For Back To School Has Never Been Easier #BendTheTrend

Hispana Global

Me encanto el concepto de #DaleTuGiro #BendTheTrend en ingles, ya que invita a los jovenes a expresar su individualidad aun cuando tengan que usar un uniforme.

Getting Ready For Back To School Has Never Been Easier #BendTheTrend

Mama Contemporanea

Lo mejor es que yo dependo de JCPenney para encontrar marcas de calidad en las que confío a precios accesibles.

JCPenney® declared August 12th as “National Shout-Out Day,” encouraging kids and teens to post a shout-out of online compliments to friends, parents and neighbors using #ShoutOutDay. JCPenney celebrated the occasion by giving shout-outs to anyone and everyone talking about their personal style on social media.  For more outfit ideas for back to school, check out #BendTheTrend and #ShoutOutDay

Small Changes for a Better Life with Tide Pods and Gain Flings

We all know what it's like to be pressed for time.  The last thing on our mind is getting the laundry done, but it's a necessary evil we all just have to do.  The revolutionary laundry pacs developed by Procter & Gamble’s Tide and Gain brands have reinvented the laundry process to provide excellent cleaning and freshness results, with minimal time and effort. Great innovation means more than just creating something new – it can actually help improve lives.  These #LatinaCreators share the ways they use their laundry pacs and how these little things have helped better their everyday lives.


"We´ve taught each of our older children to just fling the laundry pac into the washer, then load their clothes, shut the door and press “start.” No more wasting time and money on different products!"

Crafty Chica

"They are pretty genius. Each pod is made up of a three-chamber laundry pac that has double the concentration as regular liquid detergent."

Maya in the Moment

"There’s actually an easy one step way of doing laundry now, with Tide Pods. Did you hear me?! EASYYYY!"

Courtney Sweets

"With a toddler in the house we’re constantly battling… battling stains in the laundry room!  We’re so excited to be sharing our first time trying Gain Flings!  It’s a 3 in 1 laundry detergent, fabric softener and stain remover."

To learn more about these amazing little pacs follow the conversation with #NuevaFormaDeLavar or follow Tide and Gain on Twitter.

5 Reasons Why We All Need a Space for Dreams

As parents we want to teach our children that no dream is unattainable, and as adults we need to remind ourselves of that lesson. Honda knows this and shares the message in this gorgeous "Space for Dreams" video.

#LatinaBloggers and #LatinaCreators were invited to share what space for dreams means to them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and their blogs.


Raised by Culture

"I got into Phoenix hours ago. I haven’t even been gone a day and I miss them but I’m here, right where I should be, because I chased a dream. A dream, years in the making, that started happening when I’d pass somewhere and think to myself, hey I want to be there! I want to do that! I need my kids to know that living (real living) is when you dream. No dream is too big"



 Inspired by Familia

"I encourage you to ask yourself–Are you inspiring your children to dream through your example? Are you using your talents and abilities to your potential? Then ask yourself what else in your life could provide you with an outlet so you can share those talents and allow you to be a mother who, through your actions, teaches your children what it is to follow their dreams."


criando-ando-blog-post Criando Ando

"Andres Ignacio es mi soñador empedernido. Yo lo veo, lo observo y me maravillo de esa capacidad de transportarse, de crear mundos imaginarios, de construir naves espaciales que siempre albergan lugar para una espada con poderes especiales… Su cabecita no para, sus ojos viven iluminados en la fantasía y el mundo de infinitas posibilidades que su mente le regala."


Lunita, todo lo que hagas en la vida, hazlo como si el mundo dependiera de ti! #CRVSueños #Ad

A photo posted by Nina Gonzalez (@ninaonthemoon) on

Nina on the Moon

The Art Muse

And how do you carry around all these dreams? In the Honda CR-V 2015, of course! The 2015 Honda CR-V is not only a place where you can have the physical space and mental peace mind to dream but also a tool that takes you to the places that will help you achieve your dreams. The CR-V is quite literally, the vehicle to help accomplish your dreams. For more on the 2015 CR-V check out Ana Cruz's video -- you'll fall in love.

Rollos de Mujeres

Check out Ana's review of the 2015 CR-V

Teen Pregnancy Prevention Starts at Home

Throughout the month of May, teens nationwide were asked to visit to participate in the National Day Quiz, which challenges teens to think carefully about what they might do “in the moment.” However, we definitely cannot leave it completely up to the teens.  Believe it or not, teens say parents - not peers, not partners or not pop culture - most influence their decisions about sexual activity.  We know it's not always easy to talk to your teenagers about sex, but doing so may help avoid teen pregnancy.  Some of our #LatinaBloggers shared their experiences as mothers to teens and/or as teen mothers themselves and gave tips on how you can approach this touchy subject with your teen.

Teen Pregnancy Prevention Starts at Home #StayTeen

Mamas y Bebes

"Nuestro papel de padres es de vital importancia en el sano desarrollo de nuestros hijos adolescentes, en especial, en tema tan delicado como es del sexo."

Teen Pregnancy Prevention Starts at Home #StayTeen

Rollos de Mujeres

"Pero la realidad es que muchas de mis amigas a esa edad de secundaria quedaron embarazadas, en muchos casos el papá de el bebé no se hizo responsable y la mayoría tuvieron que salirse de la escuela para dedicarse a trabajar y a ser mamás."

Teen Pregnancy Prevention Starts at Home #StayTeen


Mama Especial Cuenta Conmigo

"El embarazo adolescente es un tema que me toca muy de cerca. Yo sólo tenía 18 años cuando nación mi primera hija, Justina. Amo a mi hija pero la verdad no fueron tiempos fáciles."

Teen Pregnancy Prevention Starts at Home #StayTeen

The Mom's Buzz

"Uno de los retos mas grandes que tenemos [como padres] es cómo tocar los temas de sexualidad y embarazo con nuestro adolescente."

 For more information on how to talk to your teen and to get involved, visit the Parent Portal at

The Power of a Mother's Touch

The best gift any mom can receive on Mother’s Day is an expression of love from her children. And for those who have a baby at home know that the sweet giggle from their little one is more than special.  This is why on Mother's day JOHNSON’S® Baby wanted you to enjoy those moments and to remember that every touch, every hug and every smile stimulates your baby’s senses and helps his/her healthy development.  Our #LatinaBloggers shared their touching baby stories and photos of those special moments. The Power of a Mother's Touch #SoMuchMore

My Friend Betty Says

"The power of touch has always worked with my babies and as they grow into young men, it will continue to do so."

The Power of a Mother's Touch #SoMuchMore

Live Colorful

"We also go out a lot, we smell the flowers, we talk about colors, and I let him play in the water during his bath. We are trying stimulate his senses in a fun and natural way."

The Power of a Mother's Touch #SoMuchMore

Nina on the Moon

"El contacto piel-con-piel de 25-120 minutos post parto, puede afectar positivamente las interacciones entre mama y bebe un año mas tarde."

The Power of a Mother's Touch #SoMuchMore

Criando  Ando

"Y es a través de los sentidos que nos hemos querido tanto, es así como nos hemos demostrado lo importante que somos el uno para el otro."

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Vi and Va The New Latina Girls in Town

Oh to be a little girl again! The #ViandVa dolls are a recently launched line of adorable Latino culture inspired dolls that help girls honor and embrace their heritage.  These little adolescent muñecas focus on both family and culture and are available exclusively at Target.  They are not just friends, but sisters and cousins.  Our #LatinaBloggers were recently introduced to Viviana, Valentina, Roxxi and Felicia and shared their experiences with us.

Vi and Va The New Latina Girls in Town #ViandVa

Marlita On The Run

"But how's this for cute? There is a new line of dolls that embraces Latinos and their (our) sense of family and friendship. But that's not the only thing the Vi and Va dolls embrace. They were created for Latino kids to embrace their personalities, goals, and even flaws. Love that."

Vi and Va The New Latina Girls in Town #ViandVa

The Yellow Scarf Mom

"My little friend AnaKaren, she was so happy when she knew about the new Vi & Va Dolls. She got all excited and want it to play with them right away."

Vi and Va The New Latina Girls in Town #ViandVa

El Tintero De Mama

"Que maravilla es poder pasar tiempo en familia disfrutando del juego. Hace unos días Elena cumplió sus cuatro años de edad y se nos ocurrió realizar una pequeña “fiesta de muñecas” donde Vi and Va nos acompañaron al festejo."

Vi and Va The New Latina Girls in Town #ViandVa

Modern Tejana

"My cousins and I, like so many young girls, let our imaginations run wild with our dolls. We turned shoeboxes into doll cars, we turned bookshelves into apartments, we made slips of paper into doll books. Taking some inspiration from each doll’s own personality and a little child-like ingenuity, I thought of a few fun ways girls can play using the dolls, their big personalities and items around my home."

Vi and Va The New Latina Girls in Town #ViandVa

Mami Talks

"Maya picked her favorite right away, she picked Felicia, she is an artist. The first thing Maya asked me was: Why is her name in Spanish?"

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Every Day is Mother's Day with Pangea Money App

Every year Mother's Day brings the opportunity to celebrate and honor our the special moms in our life! For those of us far away from home, it also brings up the question "que le regalo a mi mamá?". Undoubtedly sending money and allowing our moms to choose their gift is one of the top choices but then the "how do I send it?" takes over. Enter Pangea Money App a fast, reliable and easy way to send money. Currently, Pangea is available in only certain States and only transfers money to México but they are rapidly expanding. Just in time for Mother's Day, Latina Bloggers Connect partnered with Pangea to show that sending money to México is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Don't believe us? Watch the video below and see for yourself.


Here's what a few of our #LatinaBloggers and #LatinaCreators had to say about Pangea.


img_5549 MamiGlammy "One of the gifts my mom will receive this year for Mother’s Day is no more visits to the bank for me."

IMG_1007 Growing up Bilingual

"I love that there is a better option for sending money to loved ones in Mexico through Pangea, so this Mother’s Day make sure you do something special for your mom, your abuela, your tia or any of those wonderful women who inspire you back home by sending them money through Pangea!"

JOHNSON'S® Crazy Bubble Hair Instagram Challenge

Baby and child haircare starts in the tub and it’s so important to use products that don’t irritate our kids’ eyes, but also keep our child’s hair well-nourished and beautiful.  JOHNSON'S® knows there is nothing more important than our kids and those crazy bath time moments make our days so worth while.  Check out what our #LatinaBloggers were doing last week during our JOHNSON'S® Crazy Bubble Hair Instagram Challenge.

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 6.48.46 PM
Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 6.48.46 PM


"La hora del baño es super divertida para mi pollo! Le encanta enjuagarse el pelo después de lavárselo con @JohnsonsBaby !"

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 6.54.44 PM
Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 6.54.44 PM


"How cute is my little bubble rockstar?! "

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 6.57.24 PM
Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 6.57.24 PM


"This guy loves bath time.. Even more because of the bubbles and crazy hair styles we practice with his awesome hair."

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 6.59.30 PM
Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 6.59.30 PM


"Bath time is a family affair around here!"

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 7.01.49 PM
Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 7.01.49 PM


"El momento del favorito del día para Adrián, la hora del baño."

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