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AT&T Digital You Program Offers Great Tools for Seniors

Last month AT&T worked with local nonprofits in Los Angeles and Houston to surprise seniors with smart devices they can use to stay connected. Four of our bloggers were able to go along and spread the cheer when the lucky seniors were presented with their devices. During the live event, a camera crew was able to capture those moments and an amazing video was created to show the gratitude expressed by the seniors about something as simple as receiving a smartphone or tablet.

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"Señora Sarellan was so happy to finally get an upgraded tablet from @ATT @ATTLatino. Now she can share photos of the holidays with her family. #ATTImpact #SpreadTheCheer #ad#LatinaBloggers #LosAngeles #MyDayInLA"

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"Today started a little differently. I partnered with AT&T as they delivered smart phones to five special senior citizens along side Meals on Wheels. The first woman we visited was so sweet as she told us about her family in El Salvador and how she had recently been hit by a drunk driver as she was walking home. I'm glad we could put a smile on her face during rough times. She was so excited to receive a couple extra gifts, especially when she noticed that her new phone has a camera! No more flip phone for Maria. :) #ATTImpact #ad#LatinaBloggers"

Isolation and loss of independence are two of the biggest threats aging seniors face, but through initiatives like AT&T's Digital You, which provide online tools, apps and resources for people of all ages to learn how to have a safe and secure online experience, they can say good-bye to isolation and losing independence. Our Latina Bloggers shared all about the Digital You Program and the adorable video made during the delivery of the devices.

AT&T Digital You Program Offers Great Tools for Seniors

Mama XXI

"Los dispositivos móviles nos permiten de una manera fácil y muy eficiente, recordarnos citas, cuando debemos tomar medicamentos, seguir de cerca nuestra salud, la alimentación, la cantidad y calidad de sueño y mucho otros aspectos de la vida cotidiana tan importantes."

AT&T Digital You Program Offers Great Tools for Seniors

Mommy Teaches

"She loves being independent so having to rely on others to take her to run her errands, take my uncle to his appointments, do grocery shopping or even help with the use of a cell phone can feel a little demoralizing. I loved hearing that AT&T has got that last part covered! I love the way they thought about the seniors and partnered with local nonprofits to surprise them with smart devices they can use to stay connected"

AT&T Digital You Program Offers Great Tools for Seniors

Rockin Mama

"AT&T worked with local nonprofits to surprise seniors with smart devices to help them stay connected. I personally loved watching this video and the authentic gratitude expressed by something as simple as receiving a smart phone."

AT&T Digital You Program Offers Great Tools for Seniors

A Thrifty Diva

"It’s so important for us to stay connected to my grandmother and we depend on her smartphone to keep us all connected. This time of year is not only difficult for my abuela,but it’s difficult for millions of seniors. The 3 biggest threats of aging include hunger, isolation and loss of independence."

For more information about the AT&T Digital You Program visit their website, Facebook or Twitter.


Teen Pregnancy Prevention Starts at Home

Throughout the month of May, teens nationwide were asked to visit to participate in the National Day Quiz, which challenges teens to think carefully about what they might do “in the moment.” However, we definitely cannot leave it completely up to the teens.  Believe it or not, teens say parents - not peers, not partners or not pop culture - most influence their decisions about sexual activity.  We know it's not always easy to talk to your teenagers about sex, but doing so may help avoid teen pregnancy.  Some of our #LatinaBloggers shared their experiences as mothers to teens and/or as teen mothers themselves and gave tips on how you can approach this touchy subject with your teen.

Teen Pregnancy Prevention Starts at Home #StayTeen

Mamas y Bebes

"Nuestro papel de padres es de vital importancia en el sano desarrollo de nuestros hijos adolescentes, en especial, en tema tan delicado como es del sexo."

Teen Pregnancy Prevention Starts at Home #StayTeen

Rollos de Mujeres

"Pero la realidad es que muchas de mis amigas a esa edad de secundaria quedaron embarazadas, en muchos casos el papá de el bebé no se hizo responsable y la mayoría tuvieron que salirse de la escuela para dedicarse a trabajar y a ser mamás."

Teen Pregnancy Prevention Starts at Home #StayTeen


Mama Especial Cuenta Conmigo

"El embarazo adolescente es un tema que me toca muy de cerca. Yo sólo tenía 18 años cuando nación mi primera hija, Justina. Amo a mi hija pero la verdad no fueron tiempos fáciles."

Teen Pregnancy Prevention Starts at Home #StayTeen

The Mom's Buzz

"Uno de los retos mas grandes que tenemos [como padres] es cómo tocar los temas de sexualidad y embarazo con nuestro adolescente."

 For more information on how to talk to your teen and to get involved, visit the Parent Portal at

A #HeartofHaitiLBC Valentine's Day Connection

heart_of_haiti_macys_logo_socamom_smallIt’s been three years since the earthquake in Haiti struck. However, many Haitians are still living in tents in what is considered the poorest country in the Western hemisphere. We are proud to be part of a very special collaboration with Heart of Haiti for Valentine's Day because celebrating the ones we love we can give a gift that gives back. Macy’s Heart of Haiti's mission upholds the belief that “trade not aid” is a powerful way to create sustainable work and much-needed financial opportunities. #LatinaBloggers have been asked to insert a picture of a loved one into a Heart of Haiti metal frame, ammered and varnished by hand, and tell us why that person is so special to them. Follow the #HeartofHaitiLBC hashtag this week on Twitter to read these heartwarming posts. You  also need to head over to Pinterest to see the assortment of frames with the blogger's pictures of their loved one. heartofhaitiframes We absolutely loves these frames, and strongly believe in the Heart of Haiti mission. If you would like to purchase a frame for a loved one (or yourself!), they are exclusively sold at Macy's.

Social Media for Social Good Connection with Johnson & Johnson #InspireCare

For many years, Johnson & Johnson has worked with its partners to care for the well-being of mothers and children around the world. It is estimated that Johnson & Johnson and its partners touch more than one billion people’s lives each day through health care products, services and various programs.

At this year’s LATISM 2012 conference, Johnson & Johnson will be showcasing some of these initiatives under the theme “global motherhood.” You are invited to learn more about this work and help them spread the word through social media about the challenges that mothers face around the world. You can inspire mothers like you to join them in helping other mothers by raising awareness about important issues and some of the solutions that make a difference. Please stop by suite Arboretum II during the LATISM conference to talk with Johnson & Johnson and its partners about the work they do.

To help start the conversation about global motherhood, Johnson & Johnson has collaborated with Latina Bloggers on an initiative to use social media for social good. Follow the #InspireCare and #LATISM hashtags on Twitter all week long to read stories of inspiration about motherhood. You can also follow Johnson & Johnson on Facebook for more information!