The Beauty of Evolution


Saturday morning of #WeAllGrow Summit 2018 opened with four separate keynotes by four outstanding women. Michelle Poler, Gaby Natale, Ana Lucia Cottone and Eliana Murillo each shared their experiences with change and how to find the good in evolving into who we are meant to be.

Throughout the keynotes, we learned how scary change can be - it's incredibly uncomfortable and the outcome is unknown so we don't actually know what's going to happen. When your life begins to alter, it can feel like you're no longer in control. But it’s important, as women and as Latinas, to find the beauty in your constant evolution.

Without change, we stay static. Without change, we aren't able to experience new things. The growing pains of change can be tough but the results are more than we could ever want because, oftentimes, we end up discovering exactly who we are meant to be.

These four women opened their hearts to us and shared how moments filled with incredible amounts of evolution brought them into their new. 


Michelle Poler

Founder, Hello Fears

Fear Less, Do More

Michelle Poler Hello Fears
It turns out no one is judging us the way we judge ourselves.
— Michelle Poler
The enemy of success is not failure, it’s comfort.
— Michelle Poler


Gaby Natale

EMMY Award Winner, Speaker & Bestselling Author

El Circulo Virtuoso: Awakening Your Potential in Uncertain Times

Gaby Natale
Sometimes the most wonderful surprises that we receive in life come in the form of a no.
— Gaby Natale
What is the story you should be owning and sharing? What is the story that is waiting to be written in your book?
— Gaby Natale

Watch Gaby’s full session here.


Ana Lucia Cottone

Creative Consultant & Content Developer, Knack Talent, Inc.

Anatomy of a Thought

Ana Lucia Cottone
Your greatest creative advantage is at your core.
— Ana Lucia Cottone
I was completely taken by the new realization that I had the power to transform and reframe all my old ways.
— Ana Lucia Cottone


Watch Ana Lucia’s full session here.


Eliana Murillo

Founder and Head of Multicultural Marketing, Google

How to Find Your Light When the World Thinks You’re Shining

Eliana Murillo
When we focus on gratitude, it makes everything not seem so impossible.
— Eliana Murillo
Why does it feel so hard to honor ourselves?
— Eliana Murillo

These Moms Know The Best Tips for their Kids Skincare Routine with Clean & Clear

These Moms Know The Best Tips for their Kids Skincare Routine with Clean & Clear

Now that kids are back-to-school, it's time for parents to get back on the grind of the basic routines that encompass a tween and teen's life. And, yes, learning and sticking too a basic skin care routine is an important habit to develop early on. 

You Can Do #MasConHRBlock

This year's tax season is almost coming to and end. Boy does time fly when you are making money! Right? Are you scrambling around trying to get it all in order? Well don't fret, because it's not too late to get it all done with H&R Blocks tax software. Crafty Chica, one of our H&R Block ambassadors did it in a breeze. Head over to the H&R Block Blog to read more money saving, debt fighting and tax filing tips. You can check out some highlights below from the ambassadors like Ahorros Para Mama about saving more cash this year and keeping yourself out of debt from Living Money Wise. Because you can do #MasConHRBlock.


Filing My Taxes With H&R Block Premium & Business Software

Crafty Chica

I did it! I filed my state and federal taxes using H&R Block Tax Software. Up until a couple years ago, I put myself through the headache of doing my own taxes without any software. The process took many days and brought on so much stress.

10 Money Saving Ideas To Put Away $1,000 By Year-End

Ahorros Para Mama

Small steps add up over time and anything you do today to work towards a financial goal will get you closer to it quicker. All the little effort you make today to save money, will make a difference in your budget at the end of the year.

Tips For Staying Out Of Debt In The New Year

Living Money Wise

Are you ready to make big financial changes in 2017? The new year is the perfect time to evaluate and improve your finances. It is time to start making changes and set financial goals — one being staying out of debt.

For more financial and tax tips visit the H&R Block Blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Promised Land Milk #FarFromOrdinary

The story of Promised Land Dairy starts with their cows. The most common, black and white, spotted Holstein cow produces 90% of the milk we drink here in the United States and less than 10% comes from unique Jersey cows, which come from the British Isle of Jersey and not the state New Jersey. Promised Land Dairy uses only milk from the Jersey cows and these cows are not only extraordinary, but the milk they produce is too. This milk is richer, creamier, and naturally higher in protein and calcium than ordinary milk. And it can help make life #FarFromOrdinary. Some of our Texas influencers share how they fell in love with Promised Land dairy products and how their milk is a staple in their homes.

Mexico in My Kitchen

I already enjoyed using the regular Promised Land Whole Milk in my home, but I had never tried the chocolate flavored version. To my surprise, it’s really creamy and tasty! 

Nessa's World

We made a trip to H-E-B this past weekends to pick up Promised Land Milk. Promised Land Milk isn't your ordinary milk, which is why I am sharing my top three reasons why Promised Land Milk is a staple in our household. 

Easy and Delish

The batter is made from pancake mix, an egg, butter, sugar, cocoa powder (optional), and Promise Land Midnight Chocolate Milk — which by the way is made with Natural Milk from the finest Jersey Cows. And no, these are not cows from New Jersey but the ones from the gorgeous British Isle of Jersey. 

Inspired by Familia

Use chocolate milk for a rich and creamy chocolate fudge pop. Just hop on over to your local H-E-B store and purchase Promised Land Milk. It’s a great choice because it’s higher in protein & calcium than ordinary milk. Milk is a staple in our house so it’s important to stock up on the right brand!

For more about Promised Land Dairy Products visit their Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

Fun & Easy Recipes with DOLE

Invite Dole to your home and be surprised with everything they offer. That's exactly what #LatinaBloggers did to create a variety of fun recipes for their families. Dole Packaged Foods offers high quality, contemporary products from a long-standing, trusted company that’s been around for over 160 years. Did you know that Dole Fruit Bowls are the only fruit bowl snack that packs high-quality fruit in 100% real fruit juice, not sugary syrup that other competitors use? 

Check out the recipes below and follow the #VidaDole hashtag for even more ideas. 

Gummy Bears con Frutas Dole by Criando Ando 

"Durante las vacaciones de verano hicimos unos ricos ring pops de fruta y esta semana buscando nuevas opciones de merienda decidimos inventar unos gummy bears que quedaron buenísimos porque tienen  pequeños trocitos de fruta como sorpresa!" Read full recipe here ... 

Pineapple Coconut Agua Fresca by Mamá Latina Tips 

"Making aguas frescas at home gives me the opportunity to add more fruit to my kids’ diets, and it’s a fast way to quench their thirsts when they arrive home from school or the park. That’s why I’m sharing this recipe for piña colada agua fresca today, inspired by the aguas frescas from the paleterías in my hometown." Read full recipe here ... 

Chia Pudding Topped with Tropical Fruit by Smart Little Cookie 

"As a busy mom, I love quick meal fixes that are good for me. Today, I made this delicious Chia Pudding and topped it off with some delicious Dole Sunshine Latino tropical fruit bowls!" Read full recipe here... 

Peach Maple Breakfast Pie by Easy and Delish

"What a happy day! Got my kiddos helping me prepare breakfast…. we had pie for breakfast, folks! And we had lots of fun together making this simple yet super-delish Peach Maple Breakfast Pie.  It was good enough to lick the plate for and come back for seconds!" Read full recipe here ..

Yogurt and Fruit Parfait by Mami Talks

"Today I'm bringing you an idea for a snack or breakfast with Dole Sunshine Latino: YOGURT AND FRUIT PARFAIT. As you can see it's Mayita's favorite! It's super easy to prepare with Dole's fruit bowls which don't have any added sugar or syrup." Read full recipe here ... 

Shake, Spray and Discover with DOVE

Recently #LatinaBloggers spent the day with DOVE discovering the arts in the beautiful city of LA with host Yarel Ramos. We kicked off the morning exploring the 20th century Latin American galleries at the Los Angeles Count Museum of Art, which is quite extensive. The best part about it? Marveling at Diego and Frida's work as amigas. 

After perusing our favorite works of art, we headed over to La Guelagetza to test out tamale making skills. With the  help of owners Paola and Bricia, I'd say we did pretty well. They also served a few dishes featuring their favorite mole sauce.  Can you say decadent? 

Thank you to Dove for hosting such a fun event. Deodorant is a key part of every woman’s daily beauty routine, which is why it's so important to use one you can trust to keep feeling fresh and confident as you go about exploring your passions and interests.

With Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant, you can just #ShakeSprayGo and have the assurance of 48-hour protection that goes on instantly dry and cares for skin with Dove ¼ moisturizers. One less thing to worry about!

Check out our adventures here

#LoveYourHair with Dove

It's no secret that Latinas have beautiful hair. We have an array of colors, textures and lengths and Dove wants to create a world where hair is a source of confidence, not anxiety. Through research they have found that there is a narrow depiction of what “beautiful hair” is traditionally thought to look like, which is why they want to encourage all women to love their hair whether is straight or curly, purple or black. By showcasing all hair types, textures, styles & colors we can change these standards and empower more women to love their hair. Three of our beautiful Latina bloggers were invited to try Dove products and share with us why they love their hair.


Cindy Limon

"Aprendí a querer mi cabello sobre todas las cosas. a sentirme segura de cualquier color que lo tenga, por que todo depende de la actitud que mostremos, seamos felices que la vida es hermosa. Ama tu cabello, cuídalo y se feliz."

Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 3.57.57 PM.png

Beauty By Nena

"Aunque me imagino que para muchas es difícil de imaginarse el sufrimiento y la ansiedad que pase dolo por causa de mi cabello, se que al mismo tiempo hay muchas que se ven reflejadas en mi historia y están pensando 'si así me siento yo!'... Fue entonces que empece a sentirme con mucha confianza de soltarme el cabello"

Daily Curlz

"It took me a long time to get along with and fall in love with my hair. Now every special event is the appropriate moment to show the world that my hair is beautiful and it is better than yours."

For more on why you should #LoveYourHair with Dove visit their Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

Blogging Trends for 2017

¿Donde se fue este año? This year went as fast as the year before! It's time to plan your blogging strategy for the new year! Don't let it scare you. It's a great way to become inspired and envision great results for your business. The following trends may not fit at all. However, it can provide you with tools to work with in expanding your brand. Experiment on what works best for your blog.


Visual Content Is Still King

Pictures do tell a thousand words. There are posts that can total over 500 words. Depending on the topic, it can be effective. However, adding high-quality images will help in telling your story. With the right image, it can help in breaking up the text. You can get away with writing about 250 words or less. Of course, if you're working with a brand, there are certain guidelines you might have to follow and would consist of writing an extensive article.

Video is Still On the Rise

From this recent article, video is still highly effective! Bloggers generate stronger results than any other mediums. If it fits your brand, consider implementing video to your strategy.

Promote Your Blog

This trend fits all blog categories. How do you get your blog to be seen? There are many ways and promoting it via social media is a great way to do. After you create the content, promote it on your favorite social media platform. Create a budget that works best for your brand and go for it!

What are other tips will you be implementing?


By Maritza Diaz











How To Make An Impact In 2017

As a blogger, visual content, and storyteller, you have the platform to inspire and motivate others. The impact of a blogger is far more effective as ever. Bloggers are most than just posing for a selfie. Bloggers are influencers.


Amidst the political, social, and cultural differences we have experienced this year, we still have the opportunity to come together and study all sides. Embrace our differences. We can have healthy debates on differences while understanding each other. Remember that you're not alone. There is always someone else experiencing your same sentiments.

Hope, joy, and prosperity are attributes we all want to experience. There is no shame in 'making it to the top.' However at what cost? We come from various economic backgrounds and strive for a better future. Would you rather see a stronger union for all then a divisive community? Break down the barriers of those stepping on others for the sake of elevating their success. Speak on behalf of those who may not have the voice to be heard. Speak on behalf of those who have been living in oppression and want nothing but to be heard. With differences, comes knowledge which can result in compassion.

As we move into 2017, take the time to reflect and reach impactful strides. What type of causes gets you to spark action? Next year and all the years following is the time to act on compassion. It's a chance for bloggers to banish negativity and exude hope.

Wishing you all a healthy and positive new year!

By Maritza Diaz

What Is Your Insta-story?

Are you utilizing Instagram's Story feature? The Snapchat-inspired feature allows you to film, photograph, and colorize your content. 



Instagram stories are displayed based on an algorithm. Meaning, the more you engage with another user, the better chance you’ll see their story. Instagram already commands a captive audience of 300 million users. As for Snapchat, there are about 150 million users. It’ll benefit your brand to start using Instagram Stories because of its’ reach of a wider audience.

The ability to create an Insta-story is brand friendly. It’s another way to communicate your message especially with video. Recently, Instagram Stories have given the user the ability to download the video file to your smartphone.  With the options of filters, colored text, and secrecy settings, the user can now add more to their ‘vision board’ of beautiful imagery.

Instastories are just as fun and engaging as other social media platforms. Perhaps, you’re a Snapchat addict that won’t let go of the puppy filter. We won’t be surprised if Instagram adds quirky animal filters to sway the user

How do you engage through Insta-story?


By Maritza Diaz



Choose Your Words Wisely

As important it is to create positive circumstances, it's just as important to attract pleasant emotions. The power of words can help to shift your emotion in any situation. Choosing words of affirmations can help with your daily work life and create better relationships.

Being mindful of what you say can elevate your day as well as others. Certain words used a daily basis can shift your mindset and can also influence others to be let into positive space rather than remaining into a negative space.

Speak Confidently

When speaking of your projects, be proud of it. Often times, we may feel shy about talking about our latest project. Expressing your excitement about your latest adventure can be done in a confident and humble way.

Would've, Could've, Should've

Do you find yourself saying, “I should've gone to the gym" or "I could've created a better video for YouTube.” We're our own worst critics. Using words such as would've, could've, should've brings a negative connotation. Replace those words with “I will feel better by going to the gym" or “I'm going to create a great video to inspire others.” As words are replaced, there's a shift in the energy of your words.


Running the rate race is tricky. It's normal to have a bad day. However, it's damaging to your spirit to let the bad day take over. In the morning, choose an affirmation that will keep you going. This affirmation is a simple sentence easy to remember. Writing it down on a post-it and stick it to your computer. If you fall off track, observe the post-it.

Be kind to yourself. Remember you're number one!


By Maritza Diaz

Snack Time Recipes with Nabisco

This Hispanic Heritage Month, Latina Bloggers celebrated with Nabisco!

The Let’s Merienda! campaign celebrated the tradition Latina moms grew up with and the memories that made their childhood so sweet. Nabisco provided a variety of fun and delicious Latino-inspired recipes that were just right to treat the family during merienda. These recipes are easy to make and feature the family’s Nabisco favorites: Oreo, Chips Ahoy!, Ritz and Honey Maid. Latina Bloggers put their own spin on the Nabisco recipes and shared with their readers. If you're looking for easy, tasty snack ideas, check out the recipes below. 

Shredded Chipotle Chicken RITZwich by My Colombian Recipes 

"I loved the combination of chicken with chipotle, cilantro cheddar cheese and guacamole. These little bites have a wonderful texture, lots of flavor, are very colorful, and they can be served cold or warm. " Read full recipe here ... 

Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Churro Muffins by Sweet Life Bake

"My mami often made us a special snack or treat that we would enjoy right after school. It served as an opportunity to visit together and relax after a long day of work or school. And it helped to keep our bellies from grumbling while we waited for mami to start dinner." Read full recipe here ...

Chips Ahoy! Chocolate Flan Cake by My Latina Table 

"School is back in session which means that I have a little bit more time at home while my oldest son is in school all day. I miss him a lot and so does his little brother, so I am always trying to look for ways to stay busy! One thing that I love to do to pass the time is creating new recipes and modifying recipes that I find online. Usually I focus on meals that we can have for dinner, but every once in a while I like to try out recipes that we can have for dessert or a snack at anytime!" Read full recipe here ... 

Oreo Churro Bites with Dulce de Leche by Smart Little Cookie

"Our love for the sweet dessert has just been enhanced times ten with this Oreo Churro Bites with Dulce de Leche recipe. I mean can you believe it!?" Read full recipe here ... 

Cinnamon Pudding with Honey Maid Cookies and Bananas by En Mi Cocina Hoy  

"As you may know, here in Houston my girls recently went back to school. After the first days of excitement from seeing their friends again, energy starts running low and they come home tired and cranky. I love having something special as a snack or merienda, such as these cinnamon puddings with Honey Maid cookies and banana because I know it will put a smile on their faces. My grandmother used to do the same with me." Read full recipe here ...  

Become a #SuaveBeliever with Suave Professionals®

Finding hair care products shouldn't be that hard or expensive. The new Suave Professionals Hair Care Line offers a range of hair care products that work as well as premium salon brands so you can live beautifully every single day. Some of our lovely Influencers shared why they love using Suave Professionals and how they became a #SuaveBeliever.  Check out their videos on Instagram! 

For more about Suave Professionals be sure to follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram or check out #SuaveBeliever.

Nesquik is the Perfect Post Game Snack #StirImagination

After a tough practice or game, studies suggest that low-fat chocolate milk, like Nesquik, may contain the ideal 3:1 ratio of carbohydrates-to-protein that can help restore tired muscles.  As the captain of the Mexico national football team, Rafa Marquez knows the importance of eating right and getting essential vitamins and minerals within 30 minutes of prolonged activity. He look to low fat chocolate milk, like Nesquik, to nourish and restore my tired muscles.

Our Latina Influecers share ways they help their kids replenish fluids and nutrients withe Nesquik after a tough game and #StirImagination.

Mama Contemporanea

Mis niños son muy activos, nadan, corren bicicleta, juegan desde que llegan de la escuela, tanto así que aveces no tengo energía para seguirles el ritmo, además Chloe va a clases de gimnasia y Chris practica fútbol. Chocolate con leche baja en grasa, como Nesquik, proporciona la cantidad adecuada de carbohidratos y proteínas que un atleta necesita para la recuperación después de practicar cualquier deporte. 


As part of the ongoing nutrition and health efforts, Nesquik ready-to-drink chocolate milk is free of artificial colors and sweeteners making Nesquik a good choice for moms and dads looking for a satiating snack for the whole team. It’s also a great snack for after school or before they get ready to tackle homework after a long day.

7 On a Shoestring

Nourishing and restoring tired muscles is essential to any post-game recovery routine. As a child, I thought that the parents giving us treats after each game were simply trying to say, “Nice job!” after a game well played. As a mom myself, I now realize the importance of replenishing the fluids and nutrients lost to sweat. With our girls, I have seen their tired bodies trying to recoup after a hard played game and am glad to have Nesquik ready-to-drink chocolate milk on hand to give them.


Be sure to follow #StirImagination for more on Nesquik as a post-game snack or visit the Nesquik Facebook

Say Something

How many of you will actually say something and FINALLY get a little uncomfortable? Why are you scared? How are you an influencer if you don't say the things that matter?

Luvvie of asked a variation of those questions to a room full of bloggers, vloggers, content creators and influencers at a conference last year. Those are the exact questions I posted after the blinding silence from those in our community after Alton Sterling’s death. We’re paid to speak. So why aren’t we speaking up? These are real questions we should be asking ourselves. Not only in international tragedies but national tragedies too.

The truth about racism and violence in America hurts. This might not be your reality but we cannot continue to be silent. People are dying. People are hurting. There is a fear that naturally comes with our territory. Do I want to hit publish? Do I want to alienate brands, my readers and my colleagues? If you don’t feel comfortable sharing your thoughts, amplify those that do. You don’t have to write on your blog, share a quote on Twitter, post to your personal Facebook, retweet. But I beg you not to be silent. Use your platform. We each have different audiences, we will reach different people. We alone cannot make these changes. We need your help. Help us.

Say Something
Say Something

Jeannette Kaplun wrote an amazing piece you should read: No More Silence, Even If We Get It Wrong

My friends + family are hurting. Have you seen these videos from Brandi Riley, Amiyrah Martin, A’Driane Nieves, Amber Dorsey? LISTEN. LEARN.

The Problem with Saying “All Lives Matter”

The Do’s and Don’ts of Being a Good Ally

How to Become an Ally to the Black Community

5 Steps Latinos Can Take to Combat Anti-Blackness

For some Latinos and Asian-Americans, black lives do matter

Design Mom Founder and Alt Summit co-founder Gabrielle Blair wrote a piece on #BlackLivesMatter, read it.

A lesson in using your platform. Do not be scared. This is authenticity. These are the voices that should be front + center Issa Rae raises $450K for Alton Sterling’s children

Ad agencies are doing the work too 

Beyonce is doing the work too

Say Something
Say Something

Do the work. Say something.

Latinos Celebrate How to be #100PorcientoTu

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 8.56.01 AM

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 8.56.01 AM

Unilever’s Personal Care brands are celebrating the diversity and style of U.S. Hispanics with their new #100PorCientoTu campaign, which promotes self-expression and individuality. Latinos are trendsetters, who believe that their personal style is their unique calling card. Our Latino Influencers celebrated their self-expression and individuality by showing us how they get ready for an evening out, a concert or a big awards show.  


Ready for a night out in the city and I must snatch the essentials from@axe ! You can never go wrong with their products. You should also check out some of my favorite grooming tricks from@vivemejor[more...]

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 8.58.46 AM

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 8.58.46 AM


Getting ready for the Summer: El verano es la época que más disfrutamos los #Latinos, yo aprovecho para darle un giro más casual urbano a mis looks y ya que el clima cambia un poco, no se puede olvidar productos que nos brinden buena protecciòn para que seas #100PorCientoTu sin limitaciones listos para el verano? [more...]

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 9.00.09 AM

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 9.00.09 AM

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 9.02.02 AM

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 9.02.02 AM


Gotta make sure the hair's right. Get more tips @vivemejor. Visit for more grooming tips #100PorCientoTu[more..]

To learn more about #100PorcientoTu visit their website or follow Vive Mejor on Instagram and Twitter.

5 Recipe Ideas With Weight Watcher's Products



Looking for quick and healthy recipes to stay on track? This month #LatinaBloggers created original recipes using Weight Watchers Branded and Endorsed products that kept a healthy lifestyle in mind. Check out all the ways they used Weight Watchers products in their #WWinspiredmeal below! Visit to learn more and to find out where to buy products.

Story of Five

"Weight Watchers has some delicious foods at the grocery store. One of my favorite’s to use in our healthy recipes is the Weight Watchers cheese. The cheese is made with real milk and has less fat than regular cheese." Continue reading ... 



From Brazil to You

"A Quick Churro Popcorn made with microwavable popcorn, sugar, cinnamon, and butter is what we have for a snack today. Yummm!!! It requires only 5 ingredients, is gluten-free, and contains about 7-8 SmartPoints in a WHOLE bag (5 cups of popped popcorn)." Continue reading ... 



Criando Ando

"En estos días que transcurren entre amamantar a mi bebé, correr con las actividades de Andres Ignacio y Eugenia, tratar de mantener la casa y escribir, muchas veces me encuentro buscando opciones de merienda que me llenen (por siacaso no me da tiempo de almorzar a la hora), que sean ligeras y me satisfagan mi antojo de dulce!" Continue reading ... 

Cheddar Pepper Chicken Wraps #WWInspiredMeal

Cheddar Pepper Chicken Wraps #WWInspiredMeal

Holy Jeans and My Favorite Things

"Making lifestyle changes to be healthier was a choice I made about a year ago.  Once you commit to it, it’s really not that difficult.  I don’t suffer at all, really.  I simply became more active and made better food choices, but I don’t starve, and I definitely don’t skimp on flavor when it comes to eating.  I like to eat, I’m not going to lie.  I’m not a member of Weight Watchers®, but I do purchase and enjoy a lot of the Weight Watchers® branded and endorsed items I find in the grocery stores from frozen dinners to sweet treats." Continue reading ... 

Guilt-Free Mini Key Lime Cheesecakes _ Recipe_ SpanglishMama

Guilt-Free Mini Key Lime Cheesecakes _ Recipe_ SpanglishMama

Spanglish Mama

"I’ve decided to start making changes in the way I eat because I want to feel and be healthy, not just this summer but all year long. I have always heard how great Weight Watchers® is at helping others make the change, but now I am actually seeing the results myself." Continue reading ... 

Feel Empowered to Express Yourself #MyHairStory

Have you ever wanted to do something crazy with your hair, but never had the guts to? Dove wants women to feel empowered to style their hair how ever they want without the worry of hair damage and ensure hair is a source of confidence that pushes her forward and never holds her back. Dove Regenerative Nourishment with Red Algae + Keratin NutriComplex goes beyond repair to regenerate the healthy look and feel of hair, eliminating tell-tale signs of extreme damage to reveal hair that’s perfectly nourished & 100% visibly damage free. So, what are you waiting for? Get styling! Here are some idea starters for great hair this summer! Be sure to share you hairstyles using the hashtag #MyHairStory.

Feel Empowered to Express Yourself #MyHairStory

Feel Empowered to Express Yourself #MyHairStory

En Tus Zapatos

"Todas sabemos que nuestro cabello puede ser sinónimo de confianza, ¿no les pasa que cuando tienen su cabello limpio, brillante y saludable se sienten mejor? "

Feel Empowered to Express Yourself #MyHairStory

Feel Empowered to Express Yourself #MyHairStory

The Fashion Muse

"My hair story is short from boring....I've been blonde, brunette, red, & even had pink streaks at one point (yes, I've had my tacky stages too). I've never been scared to take risks with my hair and those who know me would definitely be a witness to that! Some days I wake up and I want long luscious hair, meanwhile on some other days I just want to sport the chic bob (I'm so erratic when it comes to my hair!)"

Feel Empowered to Express Yourself #MyHairStory

Feel Empowered to Express Yourself #MyHairStory

Carolina Ortiz

"Hace 2 meses me corte el pelo para ser mas practica con el arreglo, ademas que tenia las puntas que daban vergüenza. Cambiar de look también implica un poco de experimentación con peinados, al menos para mi que me gusta mantenerme el pelo organizado y esto para mi no se refiere a pelo cepillado, sino en peinados, trenzas o coletas lindas."

Feel Empowered to Express Yourself #MyHairStory

Feel Empowered to Express Yourself #MyHairStory

MV Trends

"I need to admit I have dyed my hair to keep it light blond and I love the curly iron! I know that is not good for the hair, that's why I always use products that can help me repair the damage caused by the heat and color. I recently started using Dove's Regenerative Nourishment line and I love it, it is infused with red algae + keratin nutri-complex which makes your hair looking stunning all the time!"

Feel Empowered to Express Yourself #MyHairStory

Feel Empowered to Express Yourself #MyHairStory

Lipstick and Brunch

"My latest obsession and signature color would have to be pink. I discovered this is the hair color I have been waiting to try all my life! Pink hair is fashionable, feminine but not too girly, it’s daring but still sweet."

For more hair styling ideas follow #MyHairStory or visit Be sure to check out the Dove Love Your Hair video!