California Sweetpotato Delights #CABatata

Did somebody say food?  More importantly, did somebody say sweetpotato?  These amazing little veggies are superb for sweet or savory dishes and we can't get enough of them.  Our #LatinaBloggers can't stop creating amazing dishes with these multifaceted marvels.  Check out some of the stunning, mouth watering delights our foodies created using California Sweetpotatoes.


Adriana's Best Recipes

"I enjoy a lot breakfast for dinner and brunch on a lazy Saturday morning and the California Sweetpotatoes are bold flavored and versatile veggies that are great for everyday sweet or savory dishes especially when combined with my latino flavors like chorizo and serrano peppers"


Nibbles and Feasts

"Because we refuse to let go of summer, I figured that a transition recipe is in order.  The weather and our palates still crave cool and refreshing warm-weather treats such as ice cream, but our routines and calendars are making us switch gears to the anticipated produce that will grace our tables this fall.  Sweetpotatoes!"


The Other Side of the Tortilla

"Sweet Potato flan is a non-traditional flavor for a very traditional dessert, but if you're a sweet potato fan, I guarantee you'll like this rich, decadent dessert."


My Colombian Recipes

"I wanted to recreate my mom’s Potato and Chorizo Cakes, so I used California Sweetpotaoes instead of regular potatoes."


Hungry Food Love

" I thought the tender sweetpotato would also be ideal for a creamy salad dressing. And I was right."

For more delicious recipes ideas follow #CABatata and for more sweetpotato info visit California Sweet Potatoes.