Blogs By Latinas and Latina Bloggers Connect Unite

blogs by latinas and latina bloggers connect uniteFor months now Monique Frausto, the mastermind behind Blogs by Latinas, and I have been brainstorming the best way to partner up and work together to continue to bring Latina bloggers a community to connect and thrive in, as well as the most creative campaigns for all to keep reaping the rewards of your work and passion. Blogs By Latinas, founded in 2008, was the first directory created specifically for Latina bloggers.

Latina Bloggers Connect, founded in 2010, was the first network and site dedicated solely to connecting #LatinaBloggers with themselves and with brands.

Not only do we share the fact that we were both pioneers in this space--both achieving it  on our own, with our community's support, but with no financial or corporate backing whatsoever--we also share the common goals of helping each other grow and of building a community where every single blogger- no matter the topic or lifestyle they lead and write about- is welcomed, embraced and mentored.

We finally decided it was time we create a strategic partnership where Blogs By Latinas and LBC will join forces to continue to develop each other's platforms, grow our networks and directory, strengthen our communities and provide additional support towards each other's efforts.

Starting immediately, every new blogger to join the Blogs By Latinas directory will have the option to automatically be invited to become a member of Latina Bloggers Connect in order to participate in our campaigns and events, as well as to connect and meet other bloggers in our Community.  Current Blogs By Latinas members will also be given the opportunity to join LBC and begin participating in our campaigns right away.

LBC will also be working closely with Blogs By Latinas on several other initiatives which will be unveiled when ready to move forward.

Our hope is that this partnership will create even more opportunities for all Latina bloggers. Monique and I are bloggers first, thus our intentions when building a campaign and/or event is to always put the bloggers'  needs in the forefront. We know what it takes and we make sure every detail is taken care of because this is what we do and where our focus is every single day.

When one grows, we all grow, so may this be one more step towards our collective growth.