Blogging Trends for 2017

¿Donde se fue este año? This year went as fast as the year before! It's time to plan your blogging strategy for the new year! Don't let it scare you. It's a great way to become inspired and envision great results for your business. The following trends may not fit at all. However, it can provide you with tools to work with in expanding your brand. Experiment on what works best for your blog.


Visual Content Is Still King

Pictures do tell a thousand words. There are posts that can total over 500 words. Depending on the topic, it can be effective. However, adding high-quality images will help in telling your story. With the right image, it can help in breaking up the text. You can get away with writing about 250 words or less. Of course, if you're working with a brand, there are certain guidelines you might have to follow and would consist of writing an extensive article.

Video is Still On the Rise

From this recent article, video is still highly effective! Bloggers generate stronger results than any other mediums. If it fits your brand, consider implementing video to your strategy.

Promote Your Blog

This trend fits all blog categories. How do you get your blog to be seen? There are many ways and promoting it via social media is a great way to do. After you create the content, promote it on your favorite social media platform. Create a budget that works best for your brand and go for it!

What are other tips will you be implementing?


By Maritza Diaz