Blogger Connection: JOHNSON's Baby Cares

To ensure that every baby has a healthy start in life, JOHNSON’s has taken their mission one step further by launching an extraordinary platform called JOHNSON’s Baby Cares. This program is designed to support the healthy development of mothers and their children around the world. Along with Save the Children and new mom Hilary Duff, JOHNSON’s would like our bloggers to help spread the word about this campaign. As mothers, we instinctually care for and want to protect our children. Even in difficult times, we find it within ourselves to selflessly nurture our babies. Motherhood can be very challenging at times - no matter the circumstances.

We are seeking 25 bloggers to write a letter to their child about a moment they cared for them during a time of need.

If you’d like to be considered for this campaign, please fill out the following Sign-Up Form. There’s a quick turn around, so please make sure to sign up right away! The form closes April 24th at 12am PST.

  • Write one blog post as a letter addressed to your child or children (Spanish, English or both)
  • Post must be a minimum of 300 words
  • Publish your post between the dates of April 26th - May 2nd
  • Share your post on your Facebook page wall once and tweet the post once using the hashtag #WeCare
  • Compensation will be $50, payable via Paypal 30-45 days after publish date. You will also receive a package with JOHNSON’s products.
  • Include a picture (preferably yours) in your post that best illustrates the meaning behind the letter. The image will be pinned and will appear on the LBC JOHNSON’s Pinterest board.

Save the date! We will also be hosting a JOHNSON’s #WeCare Twitter Party on May 9th at 1pm PST. See you there!

Good luck!