Blogger Connection: Curious George Dance Contest

curious george dance contestOur favorite monkey is back for more bloguera love! We´re looking for 50-100 bloggers who want to share and encourage the readers on their blogs and social media channels to enter the Curious George Dance Contest. And, who knows? Maybe you might even get excited about entering a video of your little one dancing to el mono!

All details of the contest can be found on the Curious George Dance Contest site. Upon selection, we will send you an email on Monday, March 20 with everything you need for your posts.

Please fill out the sign-up form if the following campaign details are a good fit for you:

  • Write one blog post (Spanish, English or both) between 300-400 words letting your readers know about the Curious George Dance Contest
  • Include an image of the contest like the one above (we will provide)
  • Publish your post between the dates of March 21-28, 2012
  • Share your post on your Facebook page wall once and tweet the post once using #CuriousGeorgeMoms
  • Compensation will be $40, payable via Paypal 30-45 days after publish date. You will also receive a package with a Curious George book, DVD and other goodies straight from WGBH.

We´re also planning another #CuriousGeorgeMoms Twitter party in celebration of the Dance Contest. Would love if you can join us and the fabulous co-hosts next Wednesday, March 22nd at 1pm EST.

Here´s that sign-up form again. Just make sure you enter your information by noon PST on Friday, March 16th. How about if you just do it now and get it over with, ¡fácilito!

Many more Connections coming soon!