Beauty Tips and Secrets for a Healthy Skincare Routine

No matter what kind of life you lead it's important to always have time to care for your skin.  Everyone has different skin types and creating a routine that works for your type of skin is essential.  Some of our beauty #LatinaBloggers walk you through their beauty routines and offer a few great tips to help you customize your very own routine.


Lynnette Joselly

"Now I know I am not the only one who gets too tired to take off my makeup before going to sleep. First and foremost, falling asleep with makeup is an absolute no, no!"


Yanira Garza

"My home life can be hectic. But I have a routine. In the car, on the drive home, I’m already removing my make up with cleansing towelettes."


The Penny Closet

"These Cleansing Towelettes are soft, textured cloths that work gently without drying the skin, It also removes the makeup great and leaves my face soft after it removes the makeup and dirt on my face. "


Lola Blue Style

"POND'S is one of the brands I always keep in stock at home and use it nightly, especially in the winter."

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