Conquering the World with ANDREA Shoes

What's the saying by Marilyn Monroe about women and shoes?  "Give a woman the right shoes and she can conquer the world"?  If that's the case, ANDREA is enabling women to do just that; take control of their world and empower themselves by becoming an ANDREA Estrella (star) to start and manage their own businesses.  Becoming an ANDREA Estrella is an incredibly easy process which can be done by signing up online, at a store, or by phone. ANDREA is a Mexican company with over 38 years of experience in the market of offering business opportunities through their catalog sales system. With more than 130 branches in Mexico and in the United States, they have the ability to offer personal and professional growth, great economic benefits, constant advice to their Estrellas.

Our #LatinaBloggers recently participated in the #MyANDREAStyle Campaign, highlighting the ANDREA products, benefits of managing your own business, and how owning their own destiny has given them freedom and empowered them to conquer their worlds.

"Durante una época de mi vida hice venta directa y realmente me ayudó no solo a dar de comer a mis hijas, sino también a hacer nuevas amigas y aumentar mi autoestima. Acababa de separarme, no tenía trabajo en mi campo profesional, y hasta el día de hoy estoy agradecida por la oportunidad de crecer económicamente y personalmente gracias a la venta por catálogo." - L. Ladish

"Working from home, launching my own brand and being a large part of an all female start up company has been the best decision I have ever made. It was also the hardest...Fast forward to today, I’m working full-time from home (in the process of decorating my office), I attend all my son’s school functions/meetings/appointments and am available to make his friends after school snacks when they come over – exactly the life I visualized for myself and my son. And although it’s a lot of work and it took several years, my son saw first hand what it takes to start over and build a new life – the failures, the triumphs." - R. Matos

" was a representative when I was growing up, I always admired her drive and dedication when it came to running her small business in addition to her full time job for the city and being a mother to my siblings and I. Fast forward 10-15 years or so I now can show my daughter how I am able to earn a profit by selling ANDREA products and look stylish while doing it." - A. Gibbs“As someone who owns/operates her own business, I truly love it when I’m given the opportunity to give back by helping other women find their own success in business.” - M. Sanchez-Pellot

“Durante mi adolescencia, mi familia pasó por un crisis financiera, ya que mi papa se quedo sin trabajo y tuvimos que ajustar los gastos a la mitad… Mi papa puso negocio y mi mama busco ingresos extras vendiendo zapatos de la marca ANDREA, esto nos ayudo muchisimo pagar mi carrera de maestra y a cubrir los gastos de la casa mientras todo se estabilizaba, ademas, mi mama y yo podíamos tener zapatos a la moda, a precio de vendedoras” - I. Lugo

If you are interested in earning additional income or starting and managing your own business through ANDREA and their, practically sell themselves products, you can learn more about ANDREA on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.