A Taste of Home with JetBlue

There is no place like home! Traveling back to our countries to enjoy time with the familia and get a taste of home is an amazing experience; one that JetBlue made possible for one Dominican family. JetBlue followed the Delgadillo family as they returned to Santo Domingo and with one touching video made everyone yearn for home. In collaboration with JetBlue we asked five Dominican blogueras to share their family reunion stories and what it meant for them to get a taste of home. The blogueras also had a surprise for their readers, a fantastic giveaway for two round-trip tickets to any JetBlue destination. jet-blue-a-taste-of-home-dominican-republicmelissa-mofongo-chicharron-recipe

Hungry, Food, Love "For the past ten years, every other year I spend Christmas in the Dominican Republic. A place where my heart beats to the beat of the tambor, güira, maraca and acordeón. Join me as I transport myself to the most beautiful land in this world through stories, pictures and great food. I’ll do this by sharing with you my top ten Dominican moments ever shared on this blog."

Dominican_republic1-700x549 Daily Curlz "There is no place like home, specially during the holidays and when home is a beautiful island like Dominican Republic. I don’t want to rub it in your face (well, maybe I do) but the holidays in Dominican Republic - the beach, the food, and the always smiling people are awesome."

carol-cain-jet-blue Girl Gone Travel "That joy in the video? I get that. That’s the joy you feel when you get a ticket home. When your heart strings pull you back to your culture, your people, yourself."

nytrendymoms-jetblueNY Trendy Moms "I've always looked for any reason to visit this beautiful country. There's something about the air, the food, the people and the culture that you cannot get anywhere else. I was born and raised in New York City. My parents are from the Dominican Republic and I have to say, DR will always feel like my home away from home."

bani-mercedes-sanchezBe Chic Mag  "I try to visit the Dominican Republic at least once a year. Not just because of its beautiful beaches and culture, but because how important it is for me to continue traditions and celebrate life with my family and relatives. I pray that one day I could do the same with my own children."

Are you ready to go to the Dominican Republic?