5 Savory Recipes To Pair With A Cold Glass of Milk

¿Leche ... con que? That's the question that #LatinaBloggers took inspiration from for the #MeGustaConLeche campaign with the California Milk Processor Board. When we think of milk we usually think about pairing it with something sweet, but #LatinaBloggers set out to create tasty recipes that provided us with an entirely new outlook on what tastes great with a fresh glass of milk! Latina and Latino bloggers helped their readers rediscovered their inner “adventurous eater” with an array of recipes that featured spicy and savory dishes. Did you know that for savory foods, the emulsifiers in milk attract themselves to the fat, dissolving them and allowing them to go down more easily? For spicy foods, milk contains casein; a fat loving compound that binds with spicy oils in chilies and washes 
them away making milk a great pairing for these flavor profiles. jalapeno poppers _ recipe _ theartmuse.me

The Art Muse 

"From my morning cafe con leche to our lunch and dinner, it’s no secret that we drink our fair share of milk in this house. But milk with peppers? Sure, why not? The Panko breadcrumbs and crispy bacon gave these poppers the perfect amount of crunch to go nicely with a cold glass of milk."

chile colorado _ recipe _ latinofoofie.com

Latino Foodie

"For breakfast, we served the Chile Colorado with a fried egg on top, warm corn tortillas and a glass of milk. True, we don’t usually think of pairing savory meals with milk, but why should desserts have all the fun?"

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Living Mi Vida Loca

"On days when we have my awesome creamy tomato soup, I serve it just the way my mom did for me – with a glass of leche."

Enmoladas de pollo_recipe_mamalatinatips.com

Mamá Latina Tips

"Es increíble la cantidad de platillos mexicanos que van muy bien con la leche. Hay algo en la combinación entre el picante del mole y la frescura de la leche que es incomparable."


My Big Fat Cuban Family

"The toston, for the uninitiated, is a crispy, fried plantain. A green plantain. You want to get them tender on the inside, but perfectly crunchy on the outside. And to this, there’s an art. You double-fry them. *takes bow*"

For more about the California Milk Processor Board visit their website and Facebook page.