4 Things You Will Experience at #WeAllGrow Summit 2017

There’s a lot of anticipation leading up to #WeAllGrow Summit. If you’ve never been before, you may be wondering what it’s like. Even our veteran attendees are left wondering how this year’s Summit will be different from the previous two. We decided to break down four things you can definitely expect at this year’s Summit!

Beautiful Views

If you’re new to visiting Long Beach, get ready for some incredible views. Even Southern California residents love the area and visit frequently because it boasts an incredibly picturesque downtown waterfront.

Hotel Maya sits directly on the Queensway Bay so the water views are going to be on point. Besides the water views though, the entire Hotel Maya is an Instagrammer’s dream. Muted colors, cobblestones, sand, palm trees and the beautiful blue of the sky and water make the absolute perfect backdrop for basically any photo.

This place inspires us and we know it will inspire you, too!


Amazing Networking Opportunities

We know all our attendees are super excited for the weekend but our sponsors are just as excited (if not more!) to meet and connect with all of you. Each has been hard at work planning the perfect activation for us all to experience. And we have to say it’s going to be so exciting to see it all brought to life in just a few short weeks.

We love how much enthusiasm our sponsors bring to the Summit each year. They’re incredibly passionate about our community and want to help make the weekend something none of us will ever forget.

We have a lot of sponsors coming back for more fun this year, as well as a ton of brand new ones! Make sure to check out our growing list here. Also, if you’re an attendee, stay tuned for next week’s newsletter, which will detail all the sponsors and their activations. We can’t wait for you to see it!

Energy of Sisterhood

We’re extremely lucky to have such an accepting, kind and compassionate community. A lot of us are more than amigas - we’re sisters. The Summit is an amazing weekend where we all come together to experience that feeling for three whole days.

If you’ve never been to the Summit, do not worry! Expect to meet powerhouses and #bossladies from all walks of life. And trust us - you’re going to bond with a lot of them. We’ve seen incredible friendships start at the Summit and they don’t end after the three days are over! So get ready to meet your hermanas.

Self Discovery

When one grows, we all grow is the motto of #WeAllGrow Latina Network and something we believe right down to our core. You’re going to experience a lot at the Summit and we guarantee you’ll leave feeling just a little bit different.

Not only are you going to be networking with incredible brands and connecting with your personal energy of sisterhood, but the weekend will also be a journey of self discovery. You’re going to learn a lot about business tips, social media strategies, blogging tips and, most importantly, you’re going to learn about yourself. Life gets hectic and the daily demands can sometimes take a toll on us personally. Use this weekend to reconnect with yourself and find what makes her happy!

To get you excited, please enjoy this recap of last year’s Summit. See you soon!