4 Inspiring Stories to Celebrate More Lovin'

McDonald’s is reigniting its famous tagline – “i’m lovin’ it” – by introducing a new platform that puts more focus on lovin’. They recognize all the negativity that surrounds daily life so instead they are choosing to celebrate lovin’ a whole lot more.!

Four of our top #LatinaBloggers have shared ways they put their lovin' out into the world.

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Little Inspiration

"Most importantly, to put more lovin’ into this world, we need to first love ourselves. Being happy with ourselves is the key to happiness and motivation to love this world. Love is the most amazing thing that can happen to us. Love is what makes our lives worth while."

Mama XXI 4

Mama XXI

"Cuando me convertí en mamá, sentí aún más la responsabilidad como ciudadana del Planeta Tierra, de dar todo lo mejor de mi para mejorar el mundo, para hacer desde mi espacio un lugar mejor. No es tarea sencilla, pero lejos de imposible."


Living Mi Vida Loca

"Here are three things that we’ve done a lot of the past few months, and that you can do too to incorporate more amor into your vida."

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A Thrifty Diva

"As a mom to three boys I have made it my mission to encourage my children every single day to be lovin’ individuals through positivity, hard work and kindness."

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