Meet The 10 Latina Entrepreneurs Joining us at #WeAllGrow Summit 2019 Latina Makers Market, Presented by Delta and Aeromexico!

It’s with great excitement that we introduce the top 10 Latina creative entrepreneurs that will be showcasing their beautiful products at #WeAllGrow Summit Latina Makers Market, presented by Delta and Aeromexico. We were overwhelmed with joy after seeing the amazing support you showed these wonderful Makers with your votes!

Attendees will be able to shop and connect with these talented Makers at the sold-out #WeAllGrow Summit 2019 in Long Beach, CA. Keep reading to learn more about each one of them and their work and make sure you’re following them if you aren’t already.


Brujita Skincare

Brujita Skincare is a Latina-owned brand from Los Angeles, Ca. Brujita Skincare focuses on making essential skincare with ingredients sourced from mercados throughout Mexico. Sourcing from merchants brings awareness to other communities about mercado culture in different regions of México.

Leah Guerrero is the creator of Brujita Skincare and has over 10 years of experience in holistic skincare as an esthetician. Brujita Skincare was born in Mexico City during her month-long trips and immersing herself in mercados.

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By La Blum

By La Blum was born for all those women who know that the clothes we wear is our "statement." Because in a life where everything happens so fast, our outfit - in a single glance - communicates a thousand words. That’s why behind each By La Blum design there is an intention and a message: TO MULTIPLY THE GOOD VIBES every time you wear our t-shirts, jogger pants, bags and caps, which will always make us feel very feminine without sacrificing comfort. All of our products are made by the hands of talented Latina women.


Cha Cha Covers

Cha Cha Covers is a line of culturally-inspired nail decals founded by mompreneur and designer Ana Guajardo. Drawing inspiration from the colors and beauty of Latinx cultura, music, art, and more, Cha Cha Covers has significantly influenced the nail art landscape, used by nail artists and individuals as a fashion statement of self expression. In addition to the Cha Cha Covers collection, their brand hosts nail bars, private labels nail decals for brands and artists, and participates in entrepreneurial workshops that empower future makers and entrepreneurs in public libraries, community spaces, conferences and more. Cha Cha Covers mission is to spread beauty and light through functional art that is accessible across generations and cultural backgrounds.

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Fúchila Fresheners

Fúchila Fresheners aims to represent the Chicano and Latino cultura with pride by providing an accessible, unique way to consume art on a daily basis. Pairing thoughtful, cultural relevant products with the power of scent, the strongest sense linked to memory, so we can tap into our #latinostalgia and make an otherwise bland commute more enjoyable in hopes that the #fuchilafamilia will hang the scented art pieces with orgullo long after the scent has faded and ultimately re-purpose these fresheners so they may live on.

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Happy Organics

Jessica Gonzalez runs a sustainable apiary in Merced, California. She is a first-generation Mexican-American and third-generation beekeeper. In a village in Michoacán, México her grandfather kept bees; his profound respect for nature was passed down to her father and now to her. She created Happy Organics when her dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He was using cannabis for pain management; Jessica decided to mix it with honey to improve the taste and experience. Her goal is to change the stigma around cannabis in the Latin community by creating a sustainable cannabis company with quality products.

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Jen Zeano Designs

Jen Zeano Designs is a Texas-based lifestyle brand with a mission to empower the Latinx community through apparel and accessories that make you feel proud of our cultura. Jen Zeano Designs believes in kindness, girl power, adventures, Latina magic, and celebrating every tiny victory, which is why they strive to create a brand that celebrates all of us.

JZD is an online shop that also focuses on creating a community where Latinx individuals can feel represented and understood.

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Karla and Co.

Karla and Co. is a big idea disguised as a small business ran from a home office in Arizona dedicated to showcase the flavor of Latin culture and share that a woman from a small town in Puerto Rico can create the American dream. Their mission for their products is to offer high-end fabric items at a low cost so that anyone at any income level can enjoy a soft and cozy piece of apparel. Each design is inspired by different cultures to show off each one's individual beauty, flavor, and flare.


Lilibun Designs

Lily Lopez is the owner of LiliBun Designs. Ever since childhood, crafting has been a great part of Lily’s life. She learned how to sew at a very young age from her Mamá and Tía. She specifically works with felt fabric. She loves how versatile it is and easy to work with. She makes items that are part of her world and things she love. A few favorites are the felt concha, the felt sugar skull, the felt nopal and felt llama. All beautiful and colorful representations of her culture.

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The LA Garden

The LA Garden started from the love of the arts and gardening. Dianna Martinez wanted to create something that represents her as well as bring in something new to the table. TLAG crafts unique garden pieces for all occasions. It all started from recycling light bulbs and turning them into planters. Then handcrafting wooden planters with original hand painted designs paired with plants/succulents to unique floral & succulent bouquets and hair pieces. And now, they also host garden parties where guests get to paint, plant and wine! It is a fun and relaxing activity for guests of all ages.

Salvaged Sawhorse 2.jpeg

The Salvaged Sawhorse

The Salvaged Sawhorse started as a way to cope with Jennifer Velasquez’s chronic migraines. Desperately searching for a way back to the person she was before her daily headaches, she began setting intentions each day and writing affirmations on sticky notes that she stuck everywhere: her desk, bedside table and even the bathroom mirror! As she built herself up, a line of products for intentional living and self-care evolved. She creates affirmation decks, weekly planners, intention setting tools and more all to help others effortlessly lead a life that’s aligned with their values with little nudges to take time out for themselves.