Tips for Healthy and Beautiful Skin #PielSanaEsBella

We all have beautiful skin, but how do we keep it healthy and radiant? We teamed up with Neutrogena to show the importance of selecting the right skincare for your skin type and that addresses your concerns. 

We teamed up with 29 beauty and lifestyle bloggers and asked them to share their beauty secrets and tips when selecting a beauty regime.  Here's what they had to say! 



"Para lograr una piel radiante y saludable es muy importante seguir un regimen diario y también utilizar los productos adecuados de acuerdo a las necesidades de nuestra piel."

Blame it on Mei

"During my twenties it was all sun (yes sun!) and games, especially living in Miami where a trip to the beach was, and still is, the weekend norm.  With time, I’ve noticed minor but evident changes to my skin, like dark sun spots, small wrinkles and, more recently, it has become very dry. I’ve tried several drug-store and luxury products, but haven’t seen the results they claim to deliver. After several failed attempts I had sadly given up, until I came across NEUTROGENA® Rapid Tone Repair Moisturizer and Hydro Boost Gel-Cream."

Yanira Garza

Let me tell you that I feel gorgeous come the summer. My skin literally glows of honey goodness and makeup, while fun, is totally optional. Not to brag but yeah, like Queen Bey says, I’m feeling myself. That golden goodness that comes from this melanin is the type people bottle up. But as I get older (and hopefully wiser), I know my skin isn’t what it use to be and the “healing process” from the summer damage needs some assistance. That golden goodness comes at a price I’m not sure I can afford anymore. So in an effort to please my now angry skin, I’m going to baby it up and show it some love with a few easy steps.

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