Make the #EssentialUpgrade with Dove Advanced Care

Every day, women use all kinds of personal care and beauty products to keep them feeling their very best, but what if you were asked to choose only one or a couple before walking out the door every morning?

Dove conducted a survey with Latinas across the nation to better understand their beauty routines. They wanted to know how these essentials impact their everyday life both physically and emotionally. Surprisingly, the survey revealed that deodorant to be the thing they’d never want to skip in the morning and the product that made them feel most confident. Because who wants to smell bad during the day when people get close at home and work. Our influencers shared what made them the most confident and why they choose Dove Advanced Care as their go to #EssentialUpgrade


The Style Brunch

Whats your beauty routine before walking out the door to start your day? We all have a beauty routine right? Products that we can't leave the house without applying because they make us feel beautiful and confident. 

Alessandra Gonzalez

Hace poco comencé a usar el desodorante Advance Care Antiperspirant de Dove que ofrece 48 horas de protección contra el sudor y el olor. Este desodorante tiene una formula llamada NutriumMoisture™ que ayuda a mantener tus axilas sitiándose suaves. En este día caluroso, claro que no podia faltar!

Simple Modest Chic

As far as beauty secrets, my mom taught me from a very early age the importance of a daily beauty/hygiene routine: washing your face twice a day, wearing sunblock & deodorant, and exfoliating the skin regularly.

El Tintero de Mama

Fue sorprendente saber que el uso de desodorante es el paso que nunca quieren saltar por la mañana y el producto que hace que las latinas se sientan mas confiadas.

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