Is Twitter Out of The Social Media Game?

In 2015, Twitter had lost 2 million users. With stiff competition from other social media platforms, Twitter is always finding ways to stay on top. They’ve added moments to their feed. Which helps you find the best of Twitter, regardless of who you follow. As Twitter tries to find its way back into the game, users are losing interest.


According to Twitter’s CEO, the social media platform is losing users because of trolls. With constant abuse to individuals, some find it distasteful to view a barrage of insults. Twitter has policies in place to remove those who are abusing others via Twitter.


Now, Twitter is still benefiting bloggers and brands with Twitter chats and parties. It was evident as Twitter was very engaging on #Debatenight. There were lots to be said on such an eventful night.

It’s still an ideal way to chatting in an instant. The ability to chat with others in an easy way and appealing to those creating digital relationships.

Twitter is still just as powerful and so far I don’t see it going away anytime soon.

By Maritza Diaz