Planning for the Future and Busting Myths with brightpeak financial

IIt's not always easy saving money and preparing ourselves for the future. Just thinking about opening a bank account, saving for retirement or buying a house can be overwhelming and scary. brightpeak financial wants us to know that it doesn't have to be. With their website, you can take the first step to obtaining your financial plan.

Some of our influencers share how they took the first step and busted some myths with the #MoneyMythBPF campaign.

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Mama Contemporanea

As soon as I moved to the United States, my first priority was to learn to manage my financials in my new country. I knew obtaining a bank account, a checkbook and good credit would open the door to my financial independence and would be the first step for me to be part of a new society. 
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At The Fire Hydrant

Thankfully having a financial plan is not just for the wealthy. That’s a myth I always grew up with. Myths may be scary, but not having a financial plan is even scarier. brightpeak financial is using the concept of mythical creatures to bring attention to the common misconception that only the wealthy need a financial plan. 

The Yellow Scarf Mom

brightpeak is a company that gives tips and simple solutions for life outcomes, disability, income planning and retirement to help us build a better future. They have designed, a short and easy guide to help you start to financially plan. 

Ready to take that first step and start your financial planning? Visit or follow the hashtag #MoneyMythBPF.