Three Ways to Tap into Your Own Essence

Every woman has a special light inside of her.  Every woman has her own essence.  

Have you ever been to a party where a woman walks into the room and everyone turns to look at her?  You notice she's beautiful but there is something more.   You feel her energy from a distance and notice how she lights up the room.  And you wonder what is it about her.

It’s her feminine essence.  She is so fully present, sexy and confident in her own body, you can feel her.  She is sensual and free to follow her desires and connected to her truth.  She embodied her true essence.  

I once had a lover who told me, “No man can ever change you no matter how hard they try.  No man can ever change a woman because a woman has her own true essence.”  

I lit up and was turned on because I knew deep inside of me that that was true.  He was right.  No one can ever change or take away who you truly are.  Every woman has her own feminine essence including you.

Here’s three things to tap into your own essence:

1) Speak your truth. Always be honest with yourself and with others.  The truth does hurt but it will set you free.  It is so liberating when you stand for something and speak up for yourself.  Besides, the truth may hurt those around you, but it hurts you more when you don’t speak your own truth.  

2) Be authentic.  Be you.  No one else is like you.  You are beautiful just the way you are even in your messiness.  There's something very sexy when a woman oozes of authenticity.  It's very attractive and will attract people to you.  No one likes bullshitters anyway.  Accept and love yourself deeply now.

3) Presence.  A woman who stands fully present is powerful.  Get grounded and center yourself by breathing deeply and feeling your inner body.  The more you feel your feelings, the more you are capable to connect to others.  Whenever you are with others, look into their eyes and feel their energy.

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By Tatiana Dellepiane and Christine Gutierrez