Why Video Is A Must for Your Brand

Although video is not a new concept for content marketing, it's definitely transforming the world of storytelling. This is not to say to go out and purchase a whole video production. Video is changing the way we capture stories. And utilizing video in short form can be useful in broadening your reach.

Stronger Engagement

Visual content marketing evokes stronger emotion. Simply filming a 60 second Instagram video is enough to grab the viewer. Being able to add music is one of the few attributes to effectively connect with your audience. The viewer is able to catch expressions in video better than a stand-still image.

Improves Your Blog's SEO

Adding video to your content marketing will improve your SEO. As video is considered rich media, it's definitely preferred by search engine algorithms. If you're a YouTuber, then there is a better chance of getting noticed. Since Google owns YouTube, can you be sure to be searchable as Google constantly adjusts its algorithms. In your searches, it's not just words that show up, it's video.

Video Is On The Rise

Instagram adding its' feature of “Your Story” is indicative that adding video is powerful. Users share video content more so than any other content. Bloggers have a great chance of gaining more viewers by adding more video to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Video will certainly convert users to customers. If you have an e-book or any other product launch, be sure to add video to the mix. Within five years, 80 percent of online traffic will be online video.

How does video help your brand?


By Maritza Diaz