Create A Social Media Presence That Gets You Hired

Whether you're a blogger looking to collaborate with brands or looking for a job, your online presence needs to be on fleek! Be proactive and study your messaging. This will enable you to define your audience. You don't have to use all social media platforms. Using what makes sense to you will be enough. Since this is about grabbing potential work, then utilize LinkedIn. Soon there-after, use other channels that you're comfortable with showing your work.

Be Consistent and Persistent

Create a bio that coincides with your work and/or your blog. Make sure to stand out and use searchable key-words. Ensure all your bios are up-to-date across all your relevant social media platforms. Make sure all profile photos are the same.

Google Yourself

At this point, you have created a positive online presence. However, Google yourself to make sure that you haven't been caught in a negative light. Set up Google alerts with your name and your blogs' name. Another tip is to Google yourself on images, video and etc. It's a good idea to cover all bases!

Keep It Positive

No one likes Negative Nelly. Be mindful of what you say. Keep it in mind that social media doesn't detect tone. So choose words and topics that inspire. Stay away from being a downer. Rather than venting online, call your friends to be a sound-board.

What others tips are best for getting hired?


By Maritza Diaz